Samsung wants to turn its foldables into medical devices


Our wearables like smartwatches are slowly turning into medical devices of sorts where it can read various vitals. The same cannot necessarily be said for smartphones, but that could be something Samsung is looking to change. This is according to a patent discovered by LetsGoDigital that suggests that the South Korean tech giant could be looking into an interesting and unique idea.

According to the patent, it appears that Samsung is exploring the possibility of placing health sensors under the displays of their foldable phones. For example, sensors could be placed in either display and when closed shut and pressure is applied on the user’s finger, various health measurements can be read and taken.

It also suggests how the sensors could be placed on the outside of the phone so that when users hold their phones a certain way, information can also be read. We’re not sure what kind of health vitals can be measured this way, maybe heart rate, blood pressure, or maybe it can even take a brief measurement of your body’s composition like those machines you find at the gym.

Either way, it’s a very intriguing idea, although whether or not Samsung actually goes through with it and makes it a reality remains to be seen.

Source: LetsGoDigital

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