Upcoming Google Assistant feature will make using it a lot less annoying


One of the reasons why all digital assistants have wake words or phrases is because it helps to prevent the user from accidentally triggering them. While it is undoubtedly a good feature, it can make it rather annoying to use, especially if you have to keep saying, “Hey Google” whenever you want it to do something, even as simple as snoozing an alarm or rejecting a call.

That could change in the future because according to 9to5Google, they have discovered that Google is working on a new feature codenamed “Guacamole” that will apparently remove the need for “Hey Google” for certain very basic tasks. This includes being able to stop or snooze an alarm, as well as answer or reject calls.

So far based on their digging, this is currently limited to alarms, timers, and calls, but we’re not sure if there are plans to eventually expand it to other features in the future. We imagine that Google will probably want to be a bit cautious with their approach because the last thing they need is for Google Assistant to constantly trigger accidentally.

Google has in the past tried to make Google Assistant more natural by allowing users to ask follow up questions and requests without having to say “Hey Google” each and every time. We’re not sure if or when Google plans on releasing this feature, but it sounds interesting and useful and we wouldn’t mind taking it for a spin.

Source: 9to5Google

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