ASUS teases Zenfone 8 announcement for May 13


While ASUS might not necessarily be a name we think of when it comes to smartphones, the company’s Zenfone series has actually been pretty good in terms of hardware and performance. In fact, if you’re looking forward to seeing what ASUS has up their sleeves next, then you’re in luck.

This is because the company has teased an event for the 13th of May where it seems that they will be announcing their next flagship smartphone – the ASUS Zenfone 8. The company, however, will be approaching the phone in an interesting way. Instead of going bigger, which is what a lot of other companies are doing, they are going the opposite.

In the invites sent out to some publications, the company is claiming that their new phone will be big on performance but compact in size. We’re not sure if the invite is the actual size of the phone, but it will be interesting if it is. While there is a lot to love about having phones with huge displays, they have become rather hard and cumbersome to use with one hand.

In fact, despite the iPhone 12 mini not doing particularly well in terms of sales, many early reviews actually praised the phone’s compact nature, something we imagine ASUS is also looking to capture with the Zenfone 8. It is possible the company could also have a larger Zenfone 8 Plus/Ultra/Pro model for those who prefer bigger screens, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Source: Pokde.net

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