Android 12 will have a feature that won’t burn your retinas when you reach for your phone at night


We’re sure that we’ve all received a call or a message in the dead of the night at least a couple of times, and when you reach for your phone and turn it on, the brightness from the display can be painfully glaring. Android 12 will fix that with a feature called “Extra dim”, according to a report from Droid-Life.

Since all phones use different displays and have different levels of brightness, some phones might have levels that are too bright even at its lowest settings. This extra dim feature is meant to address that by taking it even further than what your handset maker allows. We haven’t tested it out ourselves so we’re not sure how low you can really go, but at the very least it’ll provide users with options in the future.

In its current iteration, it doesn’t seem like users can automate the feature like you would with dark mode. It’s either you keep it turned on or turn it off. As you can see in the screenshots, there are options to create a shortcut to make accessing it easier, or allow it to maintain the settings even when you reboot your handset, but we reckon an automated feature would be nicer.

Do note that Android 12 is still in developer preview which means that features are subject to change or even outright removed ahead of the public release, so keep that in mind.

Source: Droid-Life

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