Einova 63W Laptop Power Bank Review


Power banks can be a lifesaver when your smartphone or laptop is running low on power. Simply plug in your gadget and you can charge while on the go without needing to hunt for a power outlet. I’ve owned several power banks in the past but rarely ever used them. Whether I was at home or at home, I was always surrounded by outlets so I never really found a use for them. I also neglected to keep them fully charged since I found it inconvenient to do so since their capacities were quite low and typically needed to be recharged every time I used them. The most I’ve ever used one is during the early phase of Pokemon Go when I was really into it, allowing me to extend my smartphone’s battery life as long as possible.

I’ve been using the Einova 63W Power Bank for a couple of weeks now and it is the first power bank that I’ve consistently used. While it’s marketed as being a laptop charger, it’s perfect for my phone but I found that it fell short when charging my Lenovo Yoga 920 laptop. The questions is: at at $69.99, is the Einova 63W Laptop Power Bank a good value for its price?

Einova 63W Laptop Power Bank Specifications

  • Battery: 20,000 mAh
  • Total Power Output: 63W (45W USB-C, 18W USB-A)
  • Ports: 3
  • Dimensions: 6.75 x 4 x 0.63 inches
  • Weights: 0.98 Pounds


I really like the design of this Einova Power Bank. The length and width are slightly bigger than my iPhone X Max, making it slim and portable enough that I could put it in my pants pocket. However, it’s not something I would recommend doing on a regular basis. As far as the weight goes, I wouldn’t describe it as heavy but it does have some heft to it. At just 0.98 pounds, it noticeably lighter than most other 20,000 mAh power banks on the market. 

The Einova 63W Laptop Power Bank is wrapped in soft gray linen canvas and a black soft-touch frame around the sides with a waterproof seal. On the top if the small LCD display in the right corner which is one of my favorite features. The display shows the remaining battery life which is very convenient, giving you an accurate measurement of the remaining battery life without having to guess.


The Einova Power Bank has three ports that allow you to charge three devices at once. The first is a 45W USB-C input/output with Power Delivery support. If you’re charging a laptop of a smartphone with Power Delivery fast charging, this is the port you’ll be using the most. The second one is an 18W USB-A port with Quick Charge 3.0, and the last one is a 5W USB-A output. In theory, you can charge a laptop, a mobile device, and a tablet all at once. Unfortunately, charging all three different devices at once doesn’t work as well in practice. 

As I previously mentioned, this power bank is marketed towards laptop owners. In fact, it claims that it can charge a laptop 1.5 times. I decided to test this by draining the battery on my Lenovo Yoga 920 laptop. Prior to charging it with the device, I also turned off my laptop to try and get the most accurate reading. I was disappointed with the result since I was only able to charge it to 76% before the power bank was completely exhausted. Given that my Yoga 920 sports a 68 Wh battery and the 20,000 mAh cell at 3.2V inside the Einova Power Bank converts to roughly 64Wh, I was expecting to get at least a 90% charge. This was definitely far short of the 1.5 claim charge since it couldn’t even get it to 1 full charge. 

Things fared a bit better when charging my Amazon Fire HD 8. The Einova Power Bank states that you can get 3-5 charges for tablets and the result I found falls in line with this. At zero charge on my tablet, I was able to fully charge it in about 2 hours with 71% charge left on the power bank.

For several months now, I’ve been hooked on the mobile game State of Survival. The game is a blast but it tends to drain the battery life on my iPhone. However, this power bank has been awesome in charging my phone quite quickly and can deliver at least 4 full charges before the power bank is fully depleted.

While theEinova 63W Laptop Power Bank can deliver up to 63W of total charging power at once from its three ports, I personally wouldn’t recommend using it to charge a laptop, smartphone and tablet all at the same time. It will deliver power to all three, but you’ll likely deplete the power bank’s reserves before any of the devices are completely charged.


As a laptop power bank, the Einova 63W Laptop Power Bank doesn’t really live up to its name. The charging efficiency is a bit shy of hitting the mark for a full charge, but it can definitely be used to keep your laptop battery topped off. However, if you are looking for a power bank to charge your tablets or mobile devices, then this device is awesome for that. Just keep in mind that you will need to buy a separate 30W PD power adapter to charge the power bank if you don’t own one already.

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