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When it comes to online shopping, it’s really hard to beat Amazon, which is why they are one of the more valuable companies in the world. They sell almost everything and anything from consumer electronics, fresh groceries, baby products, DIY home project materials, and so on, so it’s really hard not to think of Amazon when you’re looking to buy something online.

The company has also made it very enticing to use its services with memberships like Prime, which can help reduce shipping fees, give you options for faster shipping, and also grants you access to Amazon’s various online services.

That being said, Amazon isn’t necessarily the perfect platform when it comes to online shopping. If you feel that Amazon isn’t able to meet your needs while shopping online, or if you’re not necessarily in agreement with Amazon’s practices and philosophy, then here are some of the best alternatives to Amazon for online shopping.

Thrive Market

If you’re looking to purchase groceries online, Thrive Market is a worthy alternative to Amazon. The company specializes in offering organic and natural groceries to help you live a healthy lifestyle, but at the same time ensures that they are also sustainable so that we don’t take away too much from the environment.

We know that organic food can sometimes be associated with hefty price tags, but Thrive Market tries to keep their prices affordable and with their membership program, you’ll be able to save 25-50% off on the 6,000 or so products that they offer on their website.

Grove Collaborative

Similar to Thrive Market, Grove Co also focuses on natural and organic household products, but less on groceries but more on things like beauty products, personal care, skincare, bathroom soap, and so on. It works on a subscription model where you can pay a monthly fee for various products that you might need to restock often, which means that you never have to worry about running low on products as they will be sent to your home on a monthly basis.

Public Goods

Following a similar model to companies like Costco that require a membership, so does Public Goods. The company boasts eco-friendly products and groceries and daily essentials. They even sell pet food, vitamins, CBD oils, and ensure that all of its products are ethically sourced.

If you have health or dietary requirements like a gluten-free diet, Public Goods will also have those options available to you. If it matters to you, the company also works with the Eden Reforestation Projects where they plant a tree for every order that you place.


In case the online alternatives we mentioned above don’t sell what you need and you want something a bit more mainstream, then Target would be an obvious alternative. Sure, the company might not have the same online presence as Amazon, but they do have the option of allowing customers to place orders online and pick them up at the store or drive-through.

This is useful if you don’t want to wait for certain products to be shipped to you and you can just pick it up on the way home from work.

Barnes & Noble

Amazon started out as a company selling books and they still do, but in case you are seeking an alternative online bookstore for all your online book shopping needs or e-books, then Barnes & Noble comes to mind. While definitely not on par with Amazon as a retailer in general, Barnes & Noble could possibly be considered a close competitor to Amazon in terms of books.

The company even sells their e-reader in the form of the Nook tablet that will serve as an alternative to Amazon’’s Kindle e-readers.


eBay is mostly known as a company that specializes in online auctions, but if you don’t mind buying second-hand products then eBay could be a good place to look. The company has been around for more than a decade and you can usually find great deals on it since most of the time items sold on the platform are from individual sellers.


If you’re shopping about for new computer parts, accessories, or peripherals, Newegg is a good place to look. Unlike Amazon which sells everything under the sun, Newegg focuses more on consumer electronics and computer parts which should make it easier for you to find what you need.

B&H Photo

You can buy a variety of camera gear on Amazon, but if you prefer a retailer that’s more focused and specialized towards camera equipment, then B&H is the perfect place to go. The company sells a wide array of camera products, equipment, and accessories that should satisfy the inner shutterbug.

They have expanded to sell other types of consumer electronics equipment like computers, TVs, mobile devices, and audio equipment, so if you’re shopping for those items then B&H could be a good stop as well.


If you’re shopping for handcrafted products or specialized goods, Etsy is usually a good place to start. The platform is home to many artists and entrepreneurs who handcraft products ranging from leather notebook covers, to hand painted plates and mugs. Amazon did attempt a while back to try and lure shoppers over to its own Etsy alternative, but it seems that despite the increased competition, Etsy is still standing strong.

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