The new Bluetti EB70 Portable Power Station is built to power your outdoor adventures


At the end of March, we detailed an upcoming power station that was incredible in every sense of the word. The Bluetti EP500 is a portable power station with wheels, but featuring enough power to keep your desktop PC running for hours, along with keeping everything else charged up. Today, the company has introduced the Bluetti EB70 portable power station which is quite a bit smaller but still packs a powerful punch.

The EB70 is just shy of 13-inches long, while coming in at almost 9-inches tall and 8.7-inches deep. With these dimensions, you can easily put the EB70 anywhere you need it, from on the picnic table to a side-table in your RV, and almost everywhere in between. As for portability, the EB70 weighs around 21 pounds, and there’s a nice and convenient foldable handle on the top so you can just grab it and go whenever you’re ready.

Since this is a power station, you’re likely wondering just how much power is under the hood of this bad boy. Well, the EB70 supports up to 700W of juice thanks to its LiFePO4 battery cells which feature a capacity of 716Wh and are rated for more than 2,500 charging cycles. The cells inside the EB70 can be recharged in a myriad of different ways including the 12V car charger, a traditional wall socket, or even Bluetti’s SP200 solar panel. And if you go the solar route, you’ll go from 0-100% in about 4.5 hours. But it’s important to note that the Bluetti SP200 solar panel is not included, so you’ll have to pick one up separately if you want to use solar power to recharge the EB70. And if you’re concerned about having the right adapters to recharge at your home or with a wall socket, Bluetoti includes a 200W adapter for you to use.

Bluetti EB70 Specs

Bluetti EB70
Capacity 716Wh
Rated Output Power 700W
Wireless Charging 15W
USB-C Output 100W x 2 (PD3.0)
Peak Power 1400W
Pure Sine Wave Inverter Yes
Cell Chemistry LifePO4, Up to 2500+ Charge Cycles
Dimensions 320 x 217 x 222 mm (12.6 x 8.5 x 8.7-inches)
Net Weight 21.3lbs (9.7kg)
LED Lighting Yes
Max Input Power 200W
Solar Input 12~28V, Up to 200W (MPPT)
Car Charge Supported
Operating Environment -4~104 F (-20~40 C)
Warranty 24 months

On the front of the EB70, we have a nice LCD display, providing all of the information that you could want about the remaining battery. There’s a battery bar indicator, along with being able to quickly view the how much power is being taken in, or putting out, along with doubling as a display for any potential error codes.

As for charging capabilities, the Bluetti EB70 is quite robust in its own right. The power station features dual USB-C ports which are capable of putting out up to 100W of power each, and feature Power Delivery 3.0. There’s a 15W Qi wireless charger right on the top, so all of your phones, tablets, and laptops will be able to be powered up with ease. And just to expand things even further, there’s a 12V/10A lighter outlet that can be used with your existing car charger if all of the other ports are being used but you have more to charge.

For reference, Bluetti states that you’ll be able to recharge an iPhone up to 60 times, power a TV for up to 6 hours, or even run an electric slow cooker (at 200W) for up to three hours. Between being able to charge all of your devices, along with powering up things like a coffee maker or even a TV, the EB70 checks all the boxes in a small and compact package. This really is the portable all-in-one power solution that you want to bring with you on that next RV or camping trip.

There’s a reason why Bluetti is one of the best when it comes to finding a portable power station, regardless of the size that you’re looking for. Thanks to the LiFePO4 battery technology, along with the built-in advanced protection controller, it’s highly-unlikely that you’ll end up running into any charging problems while using this within its rated capacity.

So when it comes to these kind of power stations, there’s always the question of price and availability. The Bluetti EB70 will be available to order and will begin shipping those orders starting on April 30th. The retail price for the EB70 starts at $599, but if you head over to the Bluetti EB70 landing page, you can sign up for updates and will receive a $100-off coupon, bringing the price down to $499. Compared to other power stations, this is a great value, especially for those looking for something that can be used at home, or on in an RV or camping trip.

Bluetti EB70

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