Samsung’s next smartphone could feature awesome camera stabilization technology


These days, a lot of high-end smartphones have cameras that come with OIS. OIS, for those unfamiliar, stands for optical image stabilization where it attempts to stabilize the image so that your photos and videos look less blurry due to camera shake. It is all very par for the course, but that could change soon.

A report from Galaxy Club is alleging that for Samsung’s next smartphone, they could introduce sensor-shift image stabilization technology. In case you’re hearing about this term for the first time, sensor-shift technology is where the actual sensor itself is being stabilized. This is versus OIS where the lens is usually the one that’s stabilized.

The idea is that sensor-shift stabilization is “better” since the core of the camera is being stabilized. It is also more complex and more expensive, which is why it isn’t necessarily a common feature in smartphones, save for the iPhone 12 Pro Max which is the first and only smartphone to date that has the feature (which kind of explains its price).

You can actually take a look at the technology in the iPhone 12 Pro Max teardown in the video above. It is unclear which phone in question Samsung will bring the feature to, but since the company has ruled out the launch of the Galaxy Note series for 2021, perhaps we might be able to expect the technology in the Galaxy Z Fold 3 or Galaxy Z Flip 2.

Source: Galaxy Club

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