You can blame the global chip shortage for Google canceling the Pixel 5a


Google has already been hard at work when it comes to its next lineup of devices, which was expected to be kicked off with the Pixel 5a. We weren’t sure whether the device would be unveiled at Google I/O 2021, but that was the expectation. But today, we’re learning that it seems that Google has canceled the Pixel 5a altogether.

Notorious leaker, Jon Prosser, has revealed that the Pixel 5a has been canceled due to the current shortage of chipsets. These issues are plaguing phone and PC makers, which is partially the reason why it’s near-impossible to get your hands on a new GPU, PlayStation 5, or Xbox Series X.

Prosser also shared that Google will continue to sell both the Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a 5G throughout the rest of the year, which is expected. Normally, this would be a bigger deal considering that Google is canceling an upcoming smartphone. However, leaks and renders revealed that the Pixel 5a was really never going to be anything more than a slightly upgraded Pixel 4a 5G. There wouldn’t have been many improvements under the hood, as Google would have used an updated mid-range processor with the price also coming in around $400 to $500.

Today could be the day of Pixel leaks, as yesterday, Prosser teased that he has images of the upcoming Pixel Watch. While we were expecting to see a YouTube video from Prosser’s Front Page Tech, the day came and went with no upload to be seen. Nevertheless, if you were holding out for the Pixel 5a, just go grab the Pixel 4a 5G or even the Pixel 5 if you want a Pixel device now.


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