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There’s a certain thrill or rush when it comes to playing blackjack. While there is luck involved, there is also a bit of skill and discipline when it comes to deciding when you should stay or when you should try opening another card. If you’re looking for that kind of excitement on your phone, then read on to check out the top 5 blackjack games that are available for Android.

5 Best Blackjack Games for Your Smartphone in 2021


The name itself pretty much gives it away. Players will be able to play the game online with other players, or if you don’t have an internet connection but would still like to play the game, there is an offline mode as well. While it might not necessarily be the most glitzy app we’ve come across, it does offer a solid blackjack experience if that’s all you’re after.

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Blackjack 21

If you’re somewhat new to blackjack and are still learning the ropes, Blackjack 21 could be the game for you. It features an intuitive hint system that helps guide players through the game, which you can then learn from for future matches. The developer claims to follow Las Vegas rules and it also offers table customization for a different look every time you play.

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BlackJack 21 – Online Blackjack multiplayer casino

The most fun aspect of playing at casinos and online casinos is the ability to play against real players. If you want to test the excitement of playing against real players – find the best online casino for you together with onlinecasino-mag.com. If you’re not able to access a casino and still want the social aspects, then BlackJack 21 – Online Blackjack multiplayer casino could be for you. It offers multiplayer with friends or strangers and even offers features like Side Bets. There are ranks that players can compete for, live chat, and also the ability to create your own avatar.

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Blackjack Legends

It’s probably a dream of many blackjack players to visit the casinos from all around the world, and Blackjack Legends helps you with that. The game offers players the ability to virtually go to various locations around the world, such as playing at the tables in Las Vegas to the tables in Rio. It also offers continuous play, where you can play on your phone and then move to your tablet seamlessly, so if you need to switch devices, you don’t have to stop or quit your game.

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Blackjack 21: Blackjackist

Some of the blackjack games we’ve come across feel a little bit “boring” due to their graphics, so if you’re after something a bit more immersive, Blackjack 21: Blackjackist offers 3D graphics that help give the impression that you’re there in the casino playing games. The game boasts features like quests to help you earn free chips, live chatting with other players, rewards, and also tutorials that teach you how to play and get better.

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