Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Cases from Gear4


When Gear4 reached out, we were honestly a bit surprised because the company has more cases than we initially realized. But boy were we glad to get our hands on the Gear4 cases for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. These cases offer a little bit of something for everyone, from being able to show off the gorgeous design to having a case thin and rugged enough to withstand the barrage of daily abuse.

Copenhagen – Editor’s Choice

Gear4’s Copenhagen may seem just like your standard TPU case, but the truth is that it’s made from 52% renewable resources, and this means that you can actually just recycle the case after you’ve moved on to a newer device. There aren’t very many cases out there that can say that, as you usually just end up throwing them in the trash if they’ve been broken or are no longer useful. The case provides 13-feet of drop protection and features the same antimicrobial coating found on other Gear4 cases.

Crystal Palace

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is an absolutely beautiful device, so you likely don’t want to hide its beauty under a bulky and generic case. Gear4’s Crystal Palace solves that problem, as this case is 100% clear, while featuring the company’s D3O technology for better impact protection thanks to its flexible material. This technology ensures that your phone will be more than fine after a drop, with a drop rating of up to 13-feet.


Stepping things up a notch, the Gear4 Denali case provides up to 16-feet of drop protection, thanks to the reinforced D3O material on the backplate. The case is slim enough to still be compatible with most wireless chargers and is largely comprised of recycled plastics so you can feel good about helping the environment.


The Gear4 Havana is more of a traditional TPU case with a smokey colorway, but still providing up to 10-feet of drop protection. The case is a bit slippery to the touch out of the box but has ridges on the back and sides of the case to help improve your grip when using the Galaxy S21 Ultra. And with Gear4’s RepelFlex, there’s an antimicrobial coating that will prevent any odor-causing bacteria from finding a new home on your case.


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