XNSPY: Best Phone Monitoring App with Just One Major Caveat


Most people spend their time looking at their computer or phone screens. We might just fall into that category as well. Constantly, carrying around our smartphones. Chatting up with other people, sending messages and emails, shopping in online stores, and all that. Everything today requires you to have a smartphone. But who knew, someday, these very phones can become our personal trackers.

With today’s evolving technology, we can now easily find a phone spy app or spyware program that can monitor someone’s every move once installed onto their phone. 

They have proved very useful for concerned parents who want to know what their children are doing throughout the day. Even employers are using them to monitor their employees. A phone monitoring app can do wonders for your business when implemented correctly.

Anyhow, if you are a loving parent who wants to keep an eye on your kids and can’t find the right tool to do that. Then you are in the right place. Because we have sorted out a solution for you. 

We will be talking about a renowned monitoring app for parents in this article. Starting now!

XNSPY Phone Spying App

So, basically, we are going to discuss how this spyware program XNSPY can be used to monitor your children and in what ways. Still, this iPhone and Android phone spy app is not an ordinary app that you can just download from Google Play Store or App Store. Why is that?

Due to the stigma against phone surveillance appsthey are not deemed “trusty” enough to be included in official mobile app stores. Even though they are totally legitimate for use in the US. We will talk more about that later. But for now, please note, every renowned spyware program including XNSPY makes sure to follow the US surveillance laws.

The Installation Process

It is known to be a hard process when you need to install it on an iPhone that requires rooting/jailbreaking. But as we subscribed for the Android spy app with rooted edition. So, the installation was less complicated. All we had to do was download and install the APK to the target phone. Then check the Xnspy dashboard using the provided credentials a day later. XNSPY APK file, login credentials, and installation guide were all received in our email. 

Note: We didn’t try the app on an iPhone, so the installation steps can be different and may take more time. But, that is nothing a call to their live customer support won’t fix.


Of course, it will cost you something. As we mentioned earlier, it is a subscription-based service. And, from where we stand, it is rather cheap in comparison to all its famous competitors in the industry. Let’s see:

XNSPY phone monitoring app offers its basic version at USD 4.99 and premium version at USD 7.49 for the same amount of period (1 month). 

Its competitor, Spyera put ups only one version that can be bought for USD 89 per month.

While, another spyware program, FlexiSpy gives away its Lite version for USD 29.95 per month, Premium version for USD 68 a month, and charges USD 199 for its Extreme version after every three months.

Monitoring Features

Now, let’s move on to what can we do using XNSPY? 

There’s a lot actually. So, we recommend that you disable any unnecessary features that you may not require. Otherwise, there’s a good chance the monitored device will start heating up. 

As it did for us when we left every feature enabled on our app testing phone. 

Also, this phone spying app gathers a lot of data that you might not be able to sift through anyway. So, it is best to enable only those features that will help you monitor your kids better. 

Another thing that caught our eye was even though the app works in total stealth mode, not all functions adhere to that rule. And, we will point them out as we go through the list of XNSPY features

But first, let’s go over the functions we can use with no jailbreak version:

  • Phone Logs: This lets you view all details within the monitored phone’s call logs such as date, time, and Caller ID of every call made, received, or missed. You can also find the top 5 most contacted numbers (called or attended).
  • Record Surroundings or Calls: You can listen in or record the phone’s surroundings and calls. 
  • Spying on Instant Messengers: You can monitor all activities done within WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Viber, Skype, Kik, Tinder, etc. To get all of the phone monitoring app’s IM-related features, you need to get the jailbreak version (so iOS users might not get this feature with no jailbreak). 
  • Calendar and Contacts: You can check all entries made within the target phone’s calendar (appointments/events). Also, view all contacts saved on the device. 
  • Media Files: Enables you to view all media files stored within the monitored device’s memory such as photos, video, and audio files. Again we were limited to viewing photos. As enabling, the full feature needed the root version of the phone spy app.
  • Internet Usage: This feature includes internet browser history and bookmarked pages. Developing on this you also get a list of the top 10 frequently visited websites on the target device. 
  • GPS Tracking: You can go through the GPS History of the device, using the app’s web-based dashboard. IRL location and geo-fencing options are also available on Android OS (but only with the jailbreak version for iOS). 
  • Watch List Alerts: This is the most unique feature this spyware offers. Using it, you can set alerts on different words, contact or/and locations. And with the non-jailbreak version, we could only set instant alerts for specific contact numbers and words (for iMessages). Location watch list is only enabled after getting the root version.

Now, let’s take a look at the extra features we got with our subscription for Android:

  • Email: You can read all received and sent emails using this function.  
  • View/Block Apps: You can view all apps installed on the phone and check their usage history. You can even block an app. However, this will not happen without your kids noticing it.
  • Remote Data Wipe: Using this feature you can remotely wipe the target device’s data in its entirety. As its equivalent of carrying out a factory reset. Of course, this is another overt feature.
  • Phone Lock: An app-forced phone lock done remotely. While the monitored device can only be unlocked if you have the app-generated passcode. So, comes in handy when parents do not want their kids to be glued to their phone screens and focusing elsewhere. Oh yeah, and your kids will notice it as soon as they try to unlock their phone(s).

US Surveillance Laws on Android Phone Spy Apps 

The US surveillance laws are pretty clear. As long as a parent or employer informs the user of the monitored device about their monitoring activities, it’s 100% legit. 

And that’s exactly what the XNSPY website goes on and on about in their disclaimer that warrants the legal use of their app. Its illegal use can be (but not limited to) snooping on the devices of your spouse(s), girlfriend, boyfriend, or partner without their knowledge. 

While, if someone uses it to carry out the said illegal activities then only that person is liable for any repercussions from the law. And the company will cooperate with the law-enforcing authorities to the fullest extent.

Final Evaluation

Time to sum it all up for you. Firstly, we know, we have not compared XNSPY with any other monitoring app for parents when it comes to its features and compatibility. Still, we could gather a lot of information after using it ourselves, such as:

  1. It didn’t take long to set up the app. We bought the subscription and set up the spying system within few minutes. So, subscribing to their service, receiving their email, and setting up the app took 3 minutes each (give or take).
  2. Sometimes the testing smartphone started to feel like its handling a lot. As it started to heat up with all the functions enabled. So, you can say the app is very stealthy unless it over-exerts itself with monitoring everything. But this is rather expected and controllable.
  3. The biggest caveat for the app proves to be its backups. As they are updated in different periods and can take some time before they are available in the dashboard. Meaning it could prove to be a big delay for some concerned parents (that may want quick results).
  4. XNSPY smartphone spying app can be a great tool for monitoring your children. As we discussed, its features will help you bring order to their lives, help them focus on their betterment, and keep them safe under your remote supervision—at all times.
  5. When it comes to tracking your kids’ phone activities, we think that XNSPY is a fair choice. It costs you just enough for all its features while delivering a fine performance.

Lastly, we encourage you to compare the app with other surveillance apps on your own so, you can make the best choice for yourself and your children.

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