The OnePlus 9 Pro could feature 50W wireless charging


One of the biggest complaints when it came to OnePlus devices before last year was the lack of wireless charging. That all changed, to a certain extent, with the OnePlus 8 Pro as the company finally introduced wireless charging capabilities. The company even released its own Warp Charge wireless charger, that was rather bulky, but still provided the fastest wireless charging speeds for the 8 Pro.

While the OnePlus 8 missed out on the wireless fun, the 8 Pro was capable of being wirelessly-charged at speeds up to 30W. OnePlus could be upping the ante with the OnePlus 9 Pro, as rumors suggest that we’ll be seeing speeds up to 50W.

Other rumors have claimed that the 9 Pro would see 45W charging speeds, but these new rumors state that OnePlus is pushing the limits up to 50W. But if you’re going to have a phone with faster charging capabilities, it’s important to have a wireless charger to pair up with the phone. Luckily, it seems that OnePlus is also going to be releasing an updated OnePlus Warp Charge wireless charger to provide those faster speeds.

The OnePlus 9 should have just been released already

There’s no mention of how much this wireless charger will cost, nor do we know what availability will look like. Nevertheless, the OnePlus 9 Pro is shaping up to be quite an impressive device ahead of its March 23rd launch.

The 9 Pro gets all of the love and attention, but there’s still going to be a standard OnePlus 9 coming on the 23rd. Last year, the standard OnePlus 8 missed out on the wireless fun, and OnePlus is rectifying that with the OnePlus 9. Rumors state we’ll be seeing wireless charging capabilities, however, we don’t know what speeds will be included. It shouldn’t come as any surprise, but we don’t expect to see the same 50W speeds on the 9 as will be coming with the 9 Pro.

Sources: Ishan Agarwal, Price Baba, 9to5Google

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