Mar 11th, 2021

There is a certain thrill associated with gambling, where the roll of the dice, the pull of a lever, the distribution of cards, all of which could determine if you’re going to experience a windfall or a loss. For some, that adrenaline rush might be actually more fun than winning itself, which might explain why some people love these types of casino games.

Speaking of casino games, the pandemic has essentially forced us to avoid going to places that might be too crowded, but thankfully there are a variety of mobile casinos which allow us to enjoy casino type games even on our smartphones while in the comfort of our own homes. If you are looking for some of these games to play while you’re stuck at home, here are seven of the most addicting slot games available for Android.

616 Digital slots

A lot of apps these days tend to come with microtransactions that result in you spending more than you would like. If you’re not a fan of that model, then 616 Digital Slots might be of interest to you. The game offers a one-time payment and you can enjoy it without having to worry about spending extra on in-app purchases.

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Zynga Slots

Zynga’s casino games like poker are pretty popular, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that the company’s mobile offerings also extend to slot games. To make the games a bit more relatable and fun, they have themed their slot games around various TV shows and movies such as The Terminator, Wizard of Oz, Happy Days, and so on. It might come off as somewhat novel, but it does keep things interesting.

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Pharaoh’s Way Slots

Pharaoh’s Way Slots is one of the more popular slot games around on mobile at the moment. The app boasts that there have been over 10 trillion games played to date, which is mighty impressive and goes to show how fun and addicting it can be. There are a bunch of different game styles to choose from, ranging from three reels or five reels games, and will also support up to 50 lines.

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777 Slots

While a bit cheesy to use “777” in its name, it seems that it might have been a good choice as 777 Slots is one of the more popular slot games around. The game is rather generous with its free coins where players will start with 10,000, and there will also be over 70 slot machines to choose from. There are daily spins and free bonuses given out every hour, all of which will keep you coming back for more.

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Casino Joy Slots Myth

A lot of casino games try to get you to purchase additional in-game credit as that’s how they make their money, but if you’d rather not spend so much at the start, Casino Joy Slots Myth is probably one of the most generous slot machine games we’ve come across. As far as the gameplay is concerned, it’s more or less standard, but that’s not a bad thing if you’re not looking for anything too fancy and just want a nice solid game of slots.

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Hot Vegas Slots

If you love being competitive, then Hot Vegas Slots could be the game for you. It’s interesting because slots tend to feel more like a personal game, but in case you want to see how lucky you are compared to others, the game actually comes with tournament modes and leaderboards that show how your luck fares against other players. It also comes with several politically themed slot games if that’s your jam.

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Caesars Casino Slots

If you’re new to slot games and are hesitant in dropping actual money to purchase in-game credits, Caesars Casino Slots might be the game for you. The game will offer new players 100,000 free coins and there will be daily bonuses of 40,000 coins in your first week. The game also features official slot games from Las Vegas’s Caesar Casino, and there will also be over 100 fruit machines to choose from as well.

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