Feb 23rd, 2021 publishUpdated   Feb 24th, 2021, 9:09 am

There are hundreds of great games available for Android mobile devices, and deciding which ones are the best is no easy task.

Players often stick to their favorite genres, meaning that they are less likely to be enthusiastic about game types that don’t suit their personal tastes,

For instance, someone who enjoys playing racing games may be left underwhelmed by word games and vice-versa, although it is entirely possible to be a fan of both.

Read on as we narrow the field down to five Android games that we believe you simply have to check out.

Quantum Blackjack

Live Quantum Blackjack by Playtech - Best UK Live Casinos

Playtech knows a thing or two about developing casino games, and the Isle of Man-based firm have excelled themselves with Quantum Blackjack.

It is similar to their Unlimited Blackjack tables, where just one hand is dealt and shared by an unlimited number of players in the game.

However, it comes with a twist, with special cards chosen randomly during each round to deliver win multipliers if the player’s hand contains one or more of them.

The random multipliers can deliver a payout of 1,000 times the initial bet, making them the most lucrative part of the game.

With optional side bets, splitting, doubling down and more, Quantum Blackjack contains all the usual features you would expect.

If this has whetted your appetite to download the game, you can find plenty of further info on the best Android casinos on the internet. 

Need for Speed: Most Wanted 

The Need for Speed series first launched in 1994, and it has since gone on to establish itself as one of the most popular gaming franchises in the world.

While the Android version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted lacks some of the features found on consoles, it is still one of the finest racing games you can play on mobile.

The tracks are largely linear, with just a few shortcuts, but the thrill of hurtling along the streets more than compensates for this.

As in the console version, players are tasked with winning events to boost their reputation, buy new vehicles and build up their bank balance.

The controls are extremely responsive, offering a combination of tilt and drifting that bears some similarities to the excellent OutRun 2.

With stunning graphics and an impressive soundtrack, Need for Speed: Most Wanted does exactly what a racing game should do and more. 

Samorost 3

If you love the classic feel of point-and-click adventure games, the immersive Samorost 3 will suit you down to the ground.

The plot is truly bizarre, with the game featuring a crazy monk who destroys planetoids with a monstrous mechanical hydra.

Players take on the role of the Gnome, who finds a magical flute near his home and sets off on a journey through the cosmos to find out where it came from.

He uses a toadstool rocket to travel around the planets and meets with a wild bunch of characters who he interacts with along the way.

The aim of the game is to reach the planet of monks to steal the black orb, which is used to revive a mechanical knight who slays a dragon. As we said earlier, bizarre.

However, with magical graphics and immersive sounds, Samorost 3 is an Android game that you will find very difficult to put down.

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

As one of the most iconic arcade games ever made, it would be remiss not to include a version of Pac-Man in our Android list.

Championship Edition DX sticks true to the original, although the enhancements that have been introduced help to take the gameplay to another level.

The maze is split into two parts in this version. Eats all dots in the first half and a special object appears in the other.

Eat that and the original half’s dots reappear in a new configuration, creating an action-packed game that somehow tops the original.

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX has received praise from across the industry, with IGN describing it as a ‘masterclass in game design’.

The game won IGN’s Best of 2010 awards for Most Addictive Game, Best Retro Design and Best Quick Fix, further highlighting its brilliance.

Football Manager 2021 Touch 

Football Manager is another series that has enjoyed massive success, and its addition to the Android ranks was welcomed by players across the world.

Similar to the computer version, Football Manager 2020 Touch is ridiculously deep, immersing you into a world you will find hard to exit.

Players are tasked with taking charge of every aspect of running a football club, from managing the expectations of the board to putting a winning team on the pitch.

While some of the workloads can be passed onto your assistant, the game is far more rewarding if you trust your ability to get the job done.

With additional challenges such as taking charge of a club in the middle of a relegation battle, you can enjoy FM 2020 Touch in numerous ways.

However, the full career mode is undoubtedly the way to go – can you lead your club to glory at the top level on the best management simulation game in the business?