Samsung promises four years of security updates for its smartphones


One of the biggest complaints when it comes to Android smartphones comes down to software support. We’ve seen phone makers go back and forth from offering two software updates up to four, and even just one major software release (looking at you OnePlus and Motorola). However, Google and Samsung seem to be working on getting their collective acts together.

When the Galaxy Note 20 lineup was announced, Samsung confirmed that it would begin offering three years of software updates to many of its most recent handsets. Before then, the company only ever committed to providing two major software releases for even its flagship devices.

Software updates have been a large problem for years on the Android side, as Apple has continued to push software updates for hardware that has been out-of-date for some time. But Samsung and Google are trending upwards, with Samsung announcing today that it would be extending its support for security updates to four years.

But perhaps the best part of this isn’t the fact that it’s already available for the latest Galaxy S21 line. Instead, Samsung is extending this new ‘Secured by Knox’ program all the way back to devices launched in 2019, including the Galaxy S10 family of devices. Furthermore, the new program provides security updates for older Galaxy Tab devices, and even those budget handsets that Samsung rolls out on a regular basis.

Moving to four years of security updates helps to ensure that even those budget-friendly devices will remain safe from vulnerabilities for years to come. Even if you won’t be seeing any more major Android software releases.

Source: Samsung

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