Feb 19th, 2021 publishUpdated   Sep 10th, 2021, 4:07 pm

Google if finally putting in a bit of effort to make Google Fi a bit more compelling. The tech giant is now offering a 50% discount for three months on its unlimited plans for every new line that you sign up with the service. Technically, Google Fi’s unlimited plan IS limited to 22GB of data per month and video streams are capped at 480p, but you’ll find similar restrictions from other service providers as well.

Google Fi isn’t the most prominent MVNO out there and they certainly don’t offer the best rates, but the new offer cut the usual $70 monthly charge down to just $35 for the first line for the first three months. The discount also applies to multi-line packages, so you’ll save even more if you’re switching over a family plan from another service provider. Just keep in mind that you’ll be back to the full price once the promotional period expires.

You can bring your own device to Fi, but if you’ve been eyeing one of the new Galaxy S21 devices, they’re offering $300 discounts on all of them with each new line activation. Or you can pick up the new Moto G Power of G Play absolutely free.

Google Fi Unlimited pricing

  • $70 $35 for 1 line
  • $60 $30/line for 2 lines
  • $50 $25/line for 3 lines
  • $45 $23/line for 4+ lines

As a reminder, the Google Fi unlimited plan also comes with a complimentary Google One (typically $1.99/month)account which upgrades you from the base 15GB of storage to 100GB, giving you a bit more value if you’re already a Google One subscriber or if you’re getting dangerously close to your Google storage limit.

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