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NOTHING has been making quite a few headlines since Carl Pei unveiled his new company last month. While the company has officially announced that one of its first products will be wireless earbuds, we recently learned that Nothing acquired Essential, suggesting that a smartphone will be one in the cards at some point in the future.

On top of that, a new teaser video has gone up on Nothing’s website. Take a look.

This is tech like it’s supposed to be.
See that phone? Nothing.
Earphones? Nothing.
Watch, computer? Nothing.
Tech that improves our lives without getting in the way of it.
This has always been the dream
Yet, somehow, when we could finally fit tech in the palm of our hands
We were more walled-in than ever
More screens… more devices… all just adding up.
But as we slowly learned, there is power in less
Instead of scaling up, we scaled down, layer by layer, Pixel by pixel
Until we were left with the Essentials
Tech that looks, feels and lives like Nothing

We don’t know if the video is indicative of what Nothing is planning or if it’s simply aspirational in nature. Regardless of what Nothing’s product roadmap looks like, it’s clear that smartphones, watches, earphones and computers are different categories inspiring the company’s trajectory.

One thing is clear, Nothing will be bringing the hype, just as OnePlus did before its first product launch. Our hope is that the products live up to that hype, giving us another solid brand as so many of the established players in the tech space seem to be treading water as Samsung and Apple just get bigger and bigger.

Source: Nothing.tech

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