Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will come with an incredible display


With Samsung’s previous flagship handsets, the company introduced 120Hz refresh rates. This was a good thing, but it came with a catch, and that is that users could only set a 120Hz refresh rate if they were willing to drop the resolution of the display down. This meant that users had to choose between either having a high resolution or fast refresh rate.

Thankfully, Samsung will finally address that issue with the Galaxy S21 Ultra. In a tweet by leakster Ice Universe, it appears that with the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung will no longer force users to choose between either, and that users will be able to enable the WQHD+ resolution and 120Hz refresh rate at the same time.

This means that users will have the best of both worlds instead of being forced to choose between both display features. That being said, it is possible that this could end up draining more battery from the phone, but for those who care more about these features, we suppose that’s a sacrifice you might have to make.

Also, we’re not sure if this is exclusive to the Galaxy S21 Ultra or if the other models in the lineup will offer a similar feature. Either way, check back with us in the coming weeks because Samsung will be officially unveiling the handset during a livestream on the 14th of January.

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