Jan 4th, 2021

One way to save money on a smartphone is to buy the model with the lowest amount of storage, and then buy a microSD card that will not only be cheaper, but will let you store more. Unfortunately, that option might not be available for Samsung Galaxy S21 hopefuls this year.

According to a tweet by WinFuture.de’s Roland Quandt, it seems that Samsung will be ditching support for the microSD card for the Galaxy S21. This means that users are stuck with whatever memory that Samsung will be offering, and for those who need additional storage, they will have no choice but to choose one of the more pricier models with higher storage, or skip the phone entirely.

In some of the comments left on Quandt’s tweet, some users are hoping that maybe Samsung will opt for a hybrid SIM card slot that will support one SIM card and one memory card, but whether or not that will happen remains to be seen. It is unclear why Samsung might want to ditch the microSD slot, but increased profit margins could be a reason why.

Forcing customers to purchase higher-storage models would mean that the company could rake in higher revenues, not to mention there are also rumors that the Galaxy S21 could ditch the included charger, meaning that customers will be also be forced to purchase their own charger if they don’t own one already.

Take it with a grain of salt, but we should have more details on the 14th of January where Samsung will be officially announcing the phone.

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