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Touchdown! Rugby is a sport that originated in England in the early 19th century. This game requires physical exertion between two teams of 15 players each. It is based on the simple principle of running with the ball in hand and achieving a goal. However, if you are a rugby lover and couch potato at the same time, here’s the list of the best Rugby mobile games for Android and iOS:

Rugby Nations 19

Rugby Nations 19 is one of the complete rugby games, as if it were FIFA but adapted to this sport. It has 8 different game modes that will keep you glued to your mobile. Among the most prominent is the career game mode. Here you can create and customize your character. The game also offers users the ability to customize their appearance and nationality.

Last Season MM

Speaking of FIFA, Electronic Arts also has a presence in the rugby world, with a title that offers a similar experience, like its football and basketball games. The Last Season MM highlights some staggering 3D visuals, liquid activity, and fingertip controls. It also features a 3D view incorporated that gives inspiring visuals to players. Users can build their team and defeat rivals to make way to the Super Bowl. This makes it one of the Best Rugby Games on the list.

Fanatical football

Fanatical football has both single and multiplayer modes. The game offers a realistic football experience, in which we can choose our team and guide them to victory. The popular NFL sports series inspire the gameplay of the title. It also allows us to create a custom team.

Flick Quarterback 20 – American Pro Football

Flick Quarterback 20 – American Pro Football allows users to create their own player and live the Quarterback’s fantasy. You can choose from more than 32 teams and design your own player as per the preference. It offers various configuration options to customize the game, including its player name, team colors, and jersey numbers. It’s available on both Android and iOS, making it one of the few Rugby Games for iPhone.

  • Download Flick Quarterback 20 – American Pro Football from the Play Store or iTunes

Rugby: Hard Runner

Rugby: Hard Runner is a level-based game with an aim to score a goal without being tackled and having the ball taken away. If that wasn’t enough to excite you for making it one of the best Rugby Games for Android. In that case, it also happens to have different obstacles presented to us during the course. All levels have a timer to limit time, as well as a referee who imposes the law. The app is also available on iOS, making it one of the Rugby Games for iPhone as well.

Flick Kick Rugby Kickoff

The last title in our Best Rugby Games list is Flick Kick Rugby Kickoff. It is a straightforward rugby game, where you just have to hit the ball in a goalpost from different positions and through gestures. With our fingers, we can control the speed, spin, and angle of the ball. It has several arcades and time trial modes, which gives the title much dynamism.

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