Dec 23rd, 2020

Over the course of time as technology progresses, older pieces of tech start to drop out and stop getting the support it needs. This is true across pretty much all pieces of tech, including smartphones, and it seems that T-Mobile has revealed that come January 2021, these are the handsets that will no longer be usable on its network.

These devices are based on a list that was sent to Android Police (which they have since verified). They do note that it is possible that the list of devices could be longer, so maybe there are some phones not on this list that could be affected. That being said, to be fair most of the handsets on the list are kind of old and we’re not sure how many of them are still in use, meaning that the impact will be minimal.

T-Mobile has since confirmed that it is not because of VoLTE requirements or a shutdown of legacy networks, but stopped short of providing additional details. Either way, it’s something that users should take note of, especially if you happen to be using any of the devices that is listed above.

Source: Android Police

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