Dec 23rd, 2020

A lot of smartwatches get their connection from the smartphone it is paired with. Given that our phones are on us almost all the time, it’s not really an issue, but there are times when a cellular connection on a smartwatch could come in handy. For those looking for such a device, Fossil could have something in the works.

According to recently-discovered FCC filings, it appears that Fossil is working on a smartwatch that could support LTE connectivity. Smartwatches with cellular connections aren’t new, but this would be the first smartwatch by Fossil to come with the feature. When you think about how many smartwatch brands and models are under Fossil, this is actually a bigger deal than it is.

For those unfamiliar, the Fossil Group actually houses many smartwatch brands that you might have thought were separate from the company, so like we said, if Fossil starts offering LTE to its smartwatches, it could actually impact quite a lot of customers. It is unclear when Fossil is expected to debut their LTE-enabled smartwatch, but the FCC filing does suggest that it could be close to launch.

With CES 2021 coming up next month, it is possible that Fossil could announce something then, so check back with us for more updates.

Source: Android Central

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