Dec 9th, 2020 publishUpdated   Sep 11th, 2021, 9:20 am

Amazon Fire TV has always been a decent option when compared to its Roku and Android TV counterparts. While the number of available apps streaming apps and services you can access through Fire TV has always good, the platform’s user interface has always lagged behind the competition’s. That all changes with the latest Fire TV update that Amazon will be pushing out to the Fire TV Stick (third-gen) and Fire TV Stick Lite, delivering a dramatic redesign of the software, making the Fire TV platform much more compelling.

The new Fire TV update delivers top-level user-profiles and completely rearranges content navigation. If you have multiple people in your house or want to make sure content recommendations for your kids isn’t based on the latest shows or movies you and your spouse watched, the top-level user profiles allow for all content recommendations to be based on which profile you select. While this may not sound like a huge deal, it’s a feature Google should have added to the new Android TV redesign this year.

Once you’ve selected your user profile, you’ll be greeted by a redesigned home screen that features content recommendations based on what you’ve recently watched on the Home section, app-agnostic content searching under the Find section and Live TV streams available selection the Live section.

If you want to jump into a specific app, you can still do that as well and there’s also the option to quickly browse your personal content library for digital media you’ve purchased from Amazon.

Amazon will be rolling out the new Fire TV update to the Fire TV Stick (third-gen) and Fire TV Stick Lite over the coming weeks and will eventually deliver the update to the Fire TV Cube as well. No mention of the update has been made regarding older Fire TV products from Amazon, so it may be the perfect time to update. 


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