Nov 29th, 2020

The use of mobile devices for gaming-on-the-go is growing at an exceptional rate and, with the current developments in technology, will no doubt continue long into the future. So what’s driving this success?

Technology and 5G

One of the key factors in this success story is the growth and speed of technology. Smartphones have been with us since the mid-‘90s although they really took off in 2007 when Apple first launched the iPhone, quickly followed by the first Android phone. In 2016, mobile browsing overtook desktops for the first time and data speeds have increased significantly. 

And now, with 5G we can expect even greater speeds and delivery of data, which will help to fuel the growth in gaming. One of the key reasons people abandon games is slow speed and 5G will overcome this, allowing players to continue their games. This also benefits the best online casinos and gaming companies looking to invest in technology, as they are then able to introduce increasingly innovative games on mobile devices as you can find here. 

Interestingly, statistics available online indicate that gaming apps now account for almost 13% of all apps in Google’s Play Store and they continue to grow. The cost of developing an app has fallen significantly and the speed at which apps can be developed has risen accordingly. Of course, this then leads to many more developers creating apps with something for everyone. There is always something new to be found in the app stores, whether it’s a digital version of an old favorite, casino slot machines or an exciting new multi-level, multi-player game.

Technology is also playing a part in the development and experience of the games themselves. Many android phones now support virtual reality and virtual reality in gaming is also a significant factor in its successful growth. Players who have grown up with 3D graphics are demanding much better and more immersive experiences when it comes to gaming. And if you combine this with the fast speeds of 5G, then there’s nothing to stop players continuing their games while on the move.

Removal of legal and cultural barriers

Another factor in the growth of gaming on mobile devices is increasing acceptance of the industry as a whole, both legally and culturally. Just a few years ago, gaming companies and online casinos were typically shunned globally by governments and even organizations responsible for carrying web traffic. Eventually, the restrictions and barriers were slowly removed for companies that ran their businesses ethically. Now, it’s almost impossible to avoid adverts online and even on mainstream television for online gaming and casinos.

The world has changed

Of course, 2020 has been a year of significant change for everyone across the world and the pandemic has forced us to retreat into our homes and to find ways of dealing with the stress. This has further fuelled the growth in online gaming as people have been unable to go out and socialise and have had to find their own entertainment, relying on mobile devices and the internet for interaction with others. In fact, there are now numerous online tournaments with big cash prizes available for serious gamers.

Final thoughts

Thanks to developments in technology and the breaking down of cultural and legal barriers in many countries across the world, mobile gaming on any portable device is enjoying outstanding growth and we can expect this to continue for the foreseeable future. Will it look the same in 10 or 15 years from now? No one really knows, but it’s exciting to put our imagination to work and dream about the role our smartphones could play in the future of online gaming. 

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