Nov 13th, 2020

Back in the early days of Android, ES File Explorer was a great app for managing files on your device and quickly organizing collections like eBooks, Music, and more. Those days are gone, however, as reported back in 2015 the app has been spewing ads for junk apps and other “services” that your device doesn’t need.

To top it all off, the app is now sending out pop-ups that appear on your device even when the app is closed. If you have this one installed, you should uninstall it immediately. It’s basically malware at this point and the benefits you get from using this app can be had in apps that offer better design and function. Let it go. Here’s four alternatives for you to consider, all of which won’t spam you with ridiculous ads for junk apps.


Total Commander is another great free as in freedom file manager for people who want a little bit more control over their file management. It includes network storage and cloud storage support, has several plugins developed for it and includes a text editor if you’re a programmer who likes to brush up on the go.

The real beauty of this app is that it contains absolutely no ads and is completely free. No in-app purchases or anything.

Download Total Commander from Google Play

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