Exynos-powered Samsung Galaxy S21 could beat out its Qualcomm variant


One of the gripes that Samsung customers have had in recent years is that the Exynos variants of the company’s flagship phones seem to be underperforming compared to the Qualcomm versions. The upset is understandable because customers are essentially paying the same price, although in this case, Exynos customers are getting “less”.

The good news is that with the Samsung Galaxy S21, it appears that the Exynos variants could actually outperform those powered by Qualcomm. This is according to a tweet by Ice Universe who shared what appears to be benchmark results for the Exynos 2100, and how it could potentially beat the Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 in terms of performance.

Both chipsets are said to use the Cortex-X1 as the primary core, but apparently Samsung’s customizations in the Exynos 2100 could allow it to pull ahead of the Snapdragon 875. While this is good news, if true, Samsung will now have a new problem on their hands where customers with the Qualcomm variant might not be too pleased by this.

There have been rumors suggesting that Samsung could actually open up its Exynos chipsets to more handset manufacturers next year, so if the benchmarks are accurate, it looks like Qualcomm could have stiffer competition to look forward to. As it stands, Qualcomm is more or less the default chipset of choice for many smartphones, but if Samsung were to step their game up, we could be looking at more variations in 2021.

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