Quick Checkers: Epic features and recommended winning strategies


Played for thousands of years, checkers, otherwise known as draughts, is one of the oldest and most popular strategy board games in the world.

A game whose origins date back 3,000 B.C.E in the ancient city of Ur, checkers was originally played 1v1 on actual tabletops.

However, with the current cutting-edge technology at our disposal in the form of smartphones and the internet, checkers can now be played anywhere at any time thanks to Quick Checkers—an online checkers game that can be downloaded both on Android and iOS

Created by GamoVation, a Dutch-based video game developer with an impeccable record of innovating some of the most engrossing and captivating games, Quick Checkers has been received well ever since it was launched earlier this year.


Here are some of its features that will help you understand what the fuss is all about:

Supports multiple variations

Given that different variations of checkers are played in different parts of the world, Quick Checkers supports multiple variations of the game such as American Checkers, International Checkers and Brazilian checkers.

And because the work never stops at GamoVation, users can expect other variations of checkers to be added soon.

Challenge your friends

Other than the fact that it’s a simple and entertaining pastime, checkers is a game that will boost your memory recall just as much as it will improve your problem-solving skills and your concentration ability.

So why not challenge yourself by inviting your friends for a quick game of checkers and prove that you are indeed the real checkers master?

Competitive ranking system

The game also has a Daily League where you can compete on a daily basis with other players from the same skill level, on top of a National and Global ranking system where you can continuously monitor how well you rate in comparison to other players from your country and across the globe.

Great visuals and cool rewards

Quick Checkers has stunning graphics and a user interface that allows you to easily navigate through the App.

Much like any other competitive game, it has awesome rewards that can be unlocked as you play, and cool visuals like Stones, Crowns and Avatars.

The game also has real-time chat where you can conveniently communicate with your friends and other players.

Winning strategies

Now that you know some of the features in the game, it will only suffice to leave you with some winning strategies in Quick Checkers:

Control the center

Many players, more often than not, begin playing by placing checkers pieces on the edges with the view that they won’t be captured. This is however not the case.

You should always advance your checkers pieces at the center of the board as it will push your opponent to edges, thereby enhancing your chances of capturing your opponent’s pieces.

Advance en Masse

It’s often common to witness new players advancing with a single checkers piece as a way of playing it safe in order to prevent other checkers pieces from being captured.

That however isn’t a wise strategy, as it will ultimately work to your disadvantage since your checkers pieces will assuredly end up being captured one after the other.

Therefore, advancing in groups is the way to go, as you’ll not only press forward but also elude getting captured thanks to the support received from your surrounding checkers pieces.

Be the first to get to your opponent’s king row

Kinged pieces are quite the gem, as they have countless options for capturing and advancing.

As such, as you advance en masse and control the center, always have an open mind and be willing to carry out forced moves to sacrifice some of your checkers pieces, if it aids in your quest of earning a promotion.

The more the number of Kinged pieces earned, the greater your chances of capturing more of your opponent’s pieces.

Trading pieces is also a welcome option when you’re ahead.

Keep your king row intact

As you endeavor to be the first to reach the opposite king row, you should limit your opponent’s options by keeping your king row intact for as long as you can.

In doing so, your opponent will have a hard time getting their checkers pieces promoted to a King, thereby limiting their chances of capturing your pieces.

You should therefore keep your king row compact for as long as possible, only moving pieces when need be.

Quick Checkers is currently available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Feel free to reach the team should you have any suggestions, comments or feedback that will help improve the game.

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