Sep 30th, 2020

Our smartphones, tablets, and laptops usually come with charging bricks. We probably don’t give too much thought to these devices, save for its power output since that determines how fast it can charge our devices, but did you know that the tech that powers these charging bricks is actually pretty important?

For the most part, power adapters are made using silicon components, but Xiaomi is hoping to change that narrative by announcing its new 65W fast charging adapter that uses GaN (gallium nitride) technology. GaN chargers aren’t exactly new, but they have yet to become more mainstream, although companies have slowly been introducing them to the market.

With the new Mi 65W Fast Charger, Xiaomi is boasting that this power adapter is half the size of regular fast chargers. The use of GaN technology also means that it comes with a 30% improvement in power density which allowed for the company to shrink its size.

If you’re wondering about GaN technology, it is expected that this could be the new standard of charging adapters in the future. It not only uses less components compared to silicon-based chargers, and with its high conductivity, it can handle higher voltages as well. It is also more energy efficient as less energy is lost due to heat.

Xiaomi’s Mi 65W Fast Charger will come with built-in safety features that guarantees protection for all devices. It also uses a USB-C port and will be universally compatible with pretty much all devices that can charge through USB-C. Priced at EUR 29, it is a relatively affordable charger for those who are looking for something that’s fast, efficient, and compact.

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