It looks like HTC could be jumping on board the foldable phone bandwagon


It has been a while since HTC has launched a smartphone that truly made us excited. We kind of miss the HTC of the good old days where every launch was something to look forward to, but it looks like maybe, just maybe, that day could still come.

This is thanks to a patent discovered by LetsGoDigital in which it seems that HTC is toying around with the idea of creating their own foldable smartphone. It seems that this isn’t an old idea either and was actually filed late 2019, suggesting that maybe the company could be serious about their foldable phone efforts.

That being said, the design in the patent does leave something to be desired. This is because of the way the hinge has been designed, where HTC has placed it on the outside of the phone which creates a rather bulky look. It is possible that this design could offer up a slightly more sturdy structure, but in terms of aesthetics, it’s not very pleasant to look at.

While this patent might not necessarily hint at the final design, it at the very least suggests that HTC is looking into the idea. Companies like Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola have all tossed their hats into the ring, although given the prices, foldable phones have yet to become a mainstream device.

There’s no telling if HTC has plans to make this phone a reality, so we can only hope that the company has something that could revolutionize the foldable phone industry and make it a “must-have” device.

Source: LetsGoDigital

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