Padmate Pamu Quiet earbuds offer fantastic sound but are they worth it?


Like me, you may not have heard of Padmate or PaMu, but they present themselves as a forward thinking team that have produced a selection of what appear to be relatively decent earphones more recently endorsed by a some popular NBA players. The PaMu Slide and PaMu Slide Mini were successful (albeit with some flaws) projects on Indiegogo.

PaMU Quiet is their next TWS (True Bluetooth Wireless) earbud offering, which now bundles in ANC (Active Noise Cancellation). Marketed as the world’s first earphones powered by dual chip, which is Qualcomm QCC5124 audio chip and AMS3460 noise cancelling chip.


The packaging includes a nice hard-case that also recharges the earphones while they are inside. The round-shaped case which resembles and antique pocket watch can be hung around the neck, or tucked discreetly into your pocket (or left at home if you just want to have a quick jog around the block). There is also a protective travel pouch included.

The charging case is charged via USB-C which i consider a massive plus point and a glowy, blue LED that displays the state of charge or weather whether the charging process has already been completed. The charging case is also equipped with Qi wireless charging so if you have a wireless charging pad or portable battery for your phone lying around, you can just place the case on top of it to charge. Every eventuality seems to have been thought of and that’s pretty cool.

The thing I really like about PaMu Quiet, being ANC earphones, is that you won’t experience the sometimes uncomfortable air-pressure feel on the ears – a common occurance on most ANC earphones and headphones. With PaMu Quiet, the experience is so subtle that you probably won’t even realise you are wearing an ANC earphones.

The earbuds also offer good passive noise isolation, I could barely hear any outside noise once I began listening to music or my TV. The buds are very comfortable and fit much better compared to the original PaMu Slide which was a stumbling point for Padmate’s previous earphone product. In fact I’d go as far to say that the fit is surprisingly one of the best earphone fits I’ve ever experienced from an in ear wireless earphone – I am usually an advocate for headband style on ear headphones such as the Sennheiser HD 25-1 II but in this occasion PaMu really made me consider going wireless all the time.

The first thing I noticed was the impressive sound quality appreciating the rich bass and crisp top end of the PaMu Quiet in an instant. while I knew these were ANC earphones I wasn’t initially sure if the feature was active or not. – due to the missing air-pressure feel, which is great.

The bass feels strong and thumpy, and the treble does not overpower the mid frequencies. Overall audio balance is geared a bit more towards the lower channel (bass) but without completely overpowering the full audio. The PaMu Quiet is probably not going to appease the staunchest of audiophiles looking for a more neutral, balanced sound but will easily satisfy the average listener or fans of a bass heavy device.

Touch-based controls are easy to navigate by simply using a single tap, double tap, or tap and hold. They can also be further customised with an app in which you can also tweak the audio equaliser.

The earbuds fit comfortably inside my ear and are supplied with a variety of different sized silicone ear buds. They don’t feel intrusive or make my ears painful after listening music for a while which is why I have stayed away from in-ear audio for so long.

So should you buy these? Well definitely at the indiegogo price if you are in the market for a fantastic sounding pair of wireless earbuds that won’t break the bank. However after they become full price again I would consider my options and perhaps shop around a bit.

PaMu Quiet Technical Specifications:

  • Driver: Diameter 10mm, PEN + Titanium compound membrane
  • ANC level: About -40dB
  • Codec: aptX Classic, SBC, AAC
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Weight: 5.1 grams (single earbud), 91 grams (with charging case)

Note: PaMu Quiet review unit was supplied for free to review but all opinions are mine and this is not a paid advertisement.

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