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Smartphones are a pretty hot commodity as far as stolen goods are concerned. This is because a phone can fetch a few hundred dollars and it takes almost no effort to steal one. This creates a problem for companies and their customers, which is why Google has introduced protection features like Account Verification on Android phones.

Basically what this does is that when a phone is stolen, the thief would obviously want to wipe the device to sell it off, but with Account Verification and Factory Reset Protection, it means that you will need to verify it is you, the owner, who is trying to wipe the phone and not an unauthorized user.

Generally speaking, this is great, but it can also backfire. For example, we imagine that there might be some of you out there who might forget their Google account credentials, or have a different set of credentials that they want to use. This then becomes problematic, but not to worry, there are several ways around it that we will explore below.

How to disable Factory Reset Protection

To get around Account Verification, you will first need to disable Factory Reset Protection. This feature is enabled automatically whenever you setup a device using your Google account. Not many people might know this, but we suppose Google has made it a default feature to make it easier for users.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Choose Cloud and Accounts
  3. Go to Accounts
  4. Tap your Google account
  5. Tap Remove Account
  6. Tap again to confirm

Note that these steps are also useful and applicable if you are selling off or giving away your older Android handset because otherwise, the new owner won’t be able to access your Google account. We also want to point out that this will remove your Google account from your device, so any services like Gmail, Google Assistant, Google Photos, and so on will stop syncing, so that’s something to consider as well.

How to bypass Account Verification by resetting your phone

In case the method above does not work, the next alternative would be to reset your phone. However, be warned that this method essentially wipes your phone and all of its contents entirely, so you’ll want to make sure that you have everything backed up just in case. This method is also recommended if you plan to sell or give away your old Android device.

  1. Go to your device’s Settings and factory reset the phone (this will vary from device to device)
  2. Once your device has been factory reset and rebooted, follow the steps of the setup process
  3. Once you get to the option to Connect to WiFi, tap the text box but don’t enter the WiFi password yet
  4. When the keyboard comes up, press and hold the spacebar and choose “English (US) Google Keyboard”
  5. Enter the password to the WiFi next and connect
  6. Follow the steps until you get to the page that prompts you to enter your Google Account information
  7. Tap the text box and enter your email address
  8. Tap and hold the @ symbol
  9. When the menu appears, choose Google Keyboard Settings
  10. Tap the three-dot menu and select Help & Feedback
  11. Tap any of the help articles which should open a web page. Press and hold on any of the words to highlight it, and then from the menu select Web Search and select Google App
  12. Search for Settings, which should bring up the gear icon. Select it and choose Backup and Reset
  13. Tap Factory Data Reset
  14. Follow the steps to go through the setup process again, but when you research the Google account verification page, you will now have the option to Skip the step completely

How to bypass Google Account Verification with third-party app

If you are seeking an easier solution, third-party apps like DroidKit would be your rescuer.
Running on both Windows and Mac, 
DroidKit – FRP Bypass can get your device out of stuck on Google account verification easily. Without any complicated operation, you can regain full access to your Android phone or tablet in a few simple clicks.

A New Way to Bypass Google Account Verification on Android After Factory Reset

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