Sep 20th, 2020

Commuting is something none of us probably missed during the coronavirus pandemic. But there will come a time when we have to get back on the trains and buses, so it’s a good idea to have something in your pocket to keep you entertained. Mobile games have entertained us since the days of Snake on old Nokia phones, and on modern devices, they have really gone to the next level in terms of graphics and gameplay. That said, shoot em ups, sandbox RPGs, sports games and racing don’t always translate well to the small screen. 

Simple games often work much better, and the addictive ones make your commute seem shorter – and in some cases make you wish it could go on a bit longer! Let’s not forget that we are using the word ‘commute’ rather broadly – surveys show that more than 50% of all mobile gamers play whilst in the lavatory. Wherever you play, here are a few great simple mobile games available now. 


Monument Valley

A thing of beauty and tranquillity, Monument Valley is well worth the $3.99 asking price. Filled with peaceful optical illusions which can be rotated and moved around to let a character progress through, each level has no time limit, so it’s a great, calming way to get through a sometimes stressful commute. The lack of time pressure allows you to enjoy the dazzling graphics and solve the puzzles with relative ease. 

Infinity Loop

Another fairly docile, relaxing game, Infinity Loop is still challenging, getting tougher as you move through the levels. Players must match up shapes and lines to form loops. Simple, relaxing, endless, and a great way to brush up your logic skills as you journey to work. 


Deceptively simple, yet utterly addictive, in 2048 you must slide numbered tiles next to each other to add them up, with 2048 being the target total. All tiles slide together, which of course puts some in less beneficial positions, and tiles respawn with every move, eventually ending the game. Doesn’t sound that great? Give it a whirl on the train and you may well miss your station trying to beat your record. 

Fruit Rainbow Slot

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Playing in online casinos is something that has soared in popularity over the last few years. Fruit themed slots are one of the most popular. Fruit Rainbow is colorful, juicy, has a relaxing tropical music rhythm, and you can check it out at CasinoTopsOnline. Also, if you’re more of a Wild West person, animal lover, or history enthusiast, there is the range of slot games available for everyone’s taste. Not only will you be entertained on your commute, you just might make a bit of money to spend at lunchtime!

Crossy Road

How did the chicken cross the road? Well, you decide, with this addictive game that is essentially the same as Frogger. Guide your character across various busy highways, using only your own reflexes and skill. With various unlockable characters to choose from, Crossy Road is simple to start playing, but extremely challenging to master. Which makes it perfect to obsess and rage over on your otherwise dreary, dull commute. 

Mini Metro

What could be more meta than sitting on a tube train, designing your own tube network? Well, now you can try it. Mini Metro brings to life the iconic and beautifully designed London Underground tube map, allowing you to gradually design the layout of your own city. What starts as a fairly zen exercise in touch screen drawing quickly becomes a logistical nightmare, as new stations spawn and metro lines become insanely illogical. Still, it is great to look at, and highly addictive. Good for those who love efficiency and organisation, but with a formidable tolerance for complete chaos. 

Mario Kart Tour

Everyone loves Mario Kart, right? Even when it is plagued with micro-transactions, everyone’s favorite plumber/dinosaur/gorilla/princess racing game is compulsive entertainment. The gameplay is designed with a portrait screen in mind, meaning it doesn’t suffer greatly from being played on your mobile. Best avoided on crowded trains – you’ll find that those evil red shells will make you flinch as much as they did when you were playing it on the SNES. 

Download Mario Kart Tour for Android

Score! Hero

Live out your football fantasies with this simple sports game. You start out as a 16-year-old rookie player, and through a selection of set-piece, scenarios swipe your way to career glory. In each scenario you’re faced with a pass, cross or shot to make, and unlike many similar games, it is actually quite challenging. Enough to keep you swiping and swiping, until you reach the upper echelons of European club football, and the international scene. There are plenty of seasons to get through, 35 in all, meaning you’ll reach the absolute zenith of your career at the unlikely age of 51. 

Simple games for mobile keep getting better and better. Liven up your commute, lunch or bathroom break with any one of these and your day is guaranteed to be better for it. 

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