Sep 18th, 2020 publishUpdated   Sep 19th, 2020, 10:53 am

The older folks among us grew up in a very different world, one without technology at their fingertips. Nights out dancing at nightclubs or playing games at bingo halls and casinos were the norm, without a mobile phone in sight. And seniors still love bingo and dancing, but having to social distance, isolate and screen from others means that they can be starved of entertainment. As the world begins to rely more heavily on fast-moving technology to work, communicate, socialize, and relax, seniors can easily be left behind. 

But the industry hasn’t forgotten them. With devices such as smartphones and tablets becoming increasingly intuitive and user friendly, as a result, more and more older people are beginning to embrace new ways to stay in touch with their loved ones, watch movies, take courses and play games. 

The ability to remain in contact with medical services to monitor the health and medicinal requirements is another area where these gadgets can help. For those seniors who don’t like to use mobiles – or always mislay them around the house – the more traditional format of the smartwatch may be preferable, and we’ll take a look at some of the best options on the market.

Why smartwatches?

There are a few reasons why smartwatches may be the best mobile option for senior citizens. 

For a start, the traditional format of the watch is familiar. You know that feeling when you can’t find your phone? Annoying, isn’t it? For older folks, who may have more limited mobility (or bad eyesight), finding a mobile device is a lot more hassle. A watch is an obvious solution, which comes with you wherever you go. 

Next thing – health and well-being. Smartwatches are also excellent devices to help you stay on top of your health and monitor your readings. Most come with a variety of functions, such as monitoring heart rate, ECG, blood pressure, and calories consumed and burned. Older people are usually more health-conscious, so it makes smartwatches the obvious choice. As well as buying a watch with a monitoring center can ensure seniors stay connected to a professional who can dispatch emergency service.

Last but not least – entertainment. Famous Snake game, ever known Tamagotchi digital pet, or, at first glance simple but hard enough to never master it completely, Infinity Loop, or the most famous brain teaser Wirst Sudoku, they are all available on Smartwatches. But that is not all. As seniors love to play cards, bingo, and casino games – sometimes for money – online gaming is becoming increasingly user friendly for – and popular with – older people. And now board game classics through to iconic casino games are available on smartwatches – great for seniors who may be less mobile than they used to be. This means that with just a little tip of a practice, seniors can provide themselves with lots of afternoon fun in the cozy home environment. 

TCL Movetime Family Watch

This looks a lot like an Apple Watch, but it is specifically aimed at senior citizens, with a zero eye strain display, described as ‘paper-like’ – but with full color. The display is similar to the Apple Phone, but the icons are larger. It also gives medication reminders and features activity tracking and sleep monitoring. It keeps tabs on your heart rate and will alert you if it is too fast or too slow. It has 4G connectivity, and offers hands-free calling, to keep things simple. The device is designed with the mission to keep seniors empowered and independent, as well as looking elegant and modern. 

CPR Guardian II Smartwatch

Designed primarily with user safety in mind, the thinking behind this watch is to keep seniors active while making sure they know where they are and can get assistance if necessary. This gives them and their families peace of mind.

It features an advanced GPS system that can provide real-time data should the user need to be located. It also comes equipped with an SOS button – no need to dial a number if you run into trouble or need help in a hurry. It is easy and reliable to use, but CPR also has an intuitive and responsive help desk to sort out any technical or operating problems. 

Apple Watch Series 6

The reason Apple has been so phenomenally successful in the last 20 years or so is the simplicity of their designs, with software and iOS geared 100% towards user experience and ease of use. 

The Apple Watch is no different, beautifully designed smartwatch which offers great screen resolution, making it easy to read. It provides lifestyle reports, sound alerts, and an enormous amount of available apps to make your life more convenient. Also features Apple Pay, so no need to carry around your credit or debit cards. Even better – if a user is already used to the operating system on an iPhone, it is exactly the same on the Apple Watch. 

A smartwatch can have a really positive impact on the lives of both seniors and their families, helping to bolster independence and assuage worry which is making it a great investment. 

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