How To Be More Effective and Efficient With Dropshipping Using Your Android Phone


In today’s e-commerce driven times, dropshipping is becoming one of the most widely used business models that have shown significant results for customers and businesses alike. Dropshipping allows a person to set up a store, without a physical inventory. The sale of an item prompts the supplier to send the item directly to the customer to fulfill the order. This low maintenance environment makes the business focus on expanding the network and improving conversion rates.

One of the advantages of today’s technology is that your smartphone is comparably an effective tool as your computer to manage your business. Smartphones are typically used to supplement functions that need your desktop or laptop. So keeping things simple and in-synch can help you manage both devices and shift seamlessly between them. Here are some tips on how to use your smartphone to become more efficient and effective in your dropshipping endeavor:

1 Take Advantage Of Mobility

As mentioned, dropshipping is a low maintenance operation because many of its facets are already automated to benefit your customer with ease of transaction. Additionally, this also allows you to focus on marketing and expanding your audience to cultivate your client base and take your business to the next level. Your Android smartphone allows you to improve marketing as you can get closer to the real world and address customer demands and react to shifting terrains.

Sitting in front of your computer may consume most of your bandwidth as you keep yourself up-to-date with current events. But going out into the world and observing the market first-hand is still an irreplaceable aspect of doing business. Using your smartphone, you’ll be able to respond quickly to indicators that may open opportunities for your business. 

  • Marketing

Customer engagement is one of the pillars of an effective marketing strategy. With dropshipping, marketing is 85% of your business as the rest is virtually automated. Using your smartphone to keep your audience updated and engaged wherever is an effective way to work on your marketing. You can also set up campaign strategies using text messaging to promote customer engagement, such as notifying them about surveys in exchange for discount coupons or freebies from your store. This allows you to keep in touch with them even if they’re not in front of their computers.

  • Product Reviews

Customers may send pictures and other media to review your products, but you can take it up a notch by going out and showing them how your products work in the real world. One example is a garden tool or outdoor equipment, making your own product reviews by showing your products in action can help gain their trust and promote your credibility.

2 Employ Automation

There are a lot of available automation tools to help you optimize your operation and become competitive in the online arena; Salehoo is one tool you’d want to check out. However, for you to decide whether this tool or any particular tool would be useful to you, the folks at https://www.knowitallnev.com/salehoo-review/ state that looking over some reviews made by somebody who has actually tried the product is a step you wouldn’t want to skip. This is to help you get honest comments for tools or products out there. Aside from choosing an automation tool that works well on your desktop, you’d also want something that allows you to interface on your mobile. Working wherever while getting real-time information will help you make better decisions. 

3 Set Communication Protocols

It’s all too obvious that your smartphone allows you to open communication lines pertaining to your business. However, it’s counterproductive if you respond to every message or mail that comes your way. Setting up a communication protocol or guidelines will help you triage situations that require your immediate attention and park matters that can be addressed at a later time. 

Using different channels or platforms in your Android phone to categorize the urgency and importance of messages will help you navigate through your day without having to constantly respond to every message you receive. 

  • Customer Service

Customer service is a broad term used to refer to matters involving customer concerns. Effective communication protocols for customer service is key if you want to drive them into promoting your brand. You’d want to differentiate the messages coming in from your customer like complaints, requests, inquiries, etc.

  • Inquiries

Inquiries from customers or your suppliers can either be addressed right then and there or it may require some time to come up with an accurate answer. You can use bots to address general inquiries from your site and answer direct questions that require more specific information.

  • Urgent Matters

Always keep yourself available for urgent matters and limit access through these channels to avoid scrupulous messages.

4 Remote Desktop Apps

There will be times where you’re going to need to access your computer for whatever purpose. By using apps that allow you to remotely access your computer from your Android smartphone will allow you to address concerns and not have to push things at a more convenient time.

5 Register Mobile Directories

Registering your mobile contact details to directories helps promote your business’ legitimacy, especially in the customer’s optics. Make sure you register to the leading business directories and link them to your website. Also, be precise on the categories and subcategories your business is aligned with.

6 Monitor Competition

Use your mobile phone to check out your competition. Your smartphone allows you to check other stores and identify best practices that you can incorporate into your own store. One example is to conduct test purchases or avail of their customer service. This is, of course, separate from the data your tools can give you. Your customers are using your platform to purchase items they like as well as from your competitors. You will have to compare their site’s latency speed on a mobile platform. You don’t have to do this all the time for all of your competitors just pick one that piques your interest.

At the end of the day, this is still a business and businesses don’t just thrive on their own, you must be able to work and improve your service to separate yourself from the pack. Using your Android smartphone is one way to keep yourself abreast of the daily operations of your store, but it is only a part of the entire landscape. The ability to connect to your customers and fill in the gaps to add value to yourself will always be the main objective to thrive in e-commerce.

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