LG’s wild new design completely re-imagines the smartphone


Less than two weeks ago, a new video appeared showing a single device that was sporting multiple displays. There wasn’t much else to go off of, other than the video showed off a primary display being used for Maps, and the secondary display, oriented horizontally, showing the music player and an incoming phone call. We learned that this was known as the LG Wing and that the secondary display would be built-in and rotatable via a unique hinge.

Fast forward to today, and LG has shared a teaser video, not of the phone itself, but of the new Explorer Project. The purpose of this new project is to push the boundaries of what smartphones are capable of in multiple facets, including the design. On September 14th, the Explorer Project will officially be announced, providing more details about this rumored LG Wing device, along with what this means for the future of the company’s smartphone lineup.

Rumored LG Wing Specs

  • 6.8-inch Primary Display
  • 4-inch 1:1 Secondary Display
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G Processor
  • 5G Support
  • Three rear cameras
  • 64MP Primary Camera Sensor

LG’s not done after all

Outside of the LG Velvet and the largely-underrated LG V60, the South Korean company has largely been quiet throughout 2020. With Samsung, Google, and Apple dominating most of the headlines, LG sat and waited for the right moment to reveal it’s latest flagship.

The LG Wing is definitely one of the most interesting devices of the year, even with the likes of the Z Fold 2 and Microsoft Duo. Having a phone with a secondary display that rotates out to give you more real-estate could really be a game-changer. And it’s not like LG doesn’t have any experience with experimenting with secondary displays, as is evidenced by the Second Screen attachments for the V60 and G8X.

It’s only a couple of weeks away, but there’s a very good chance that the LG Wing could steal the scene for the rest of the year and beyond.


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