Xiaomi’s smartphones will go notch-less in 2021


Handset makers have been trying to find all kinds of ways to ditch the notch, but so far the best solution would be to simply put the camera under the display itself. Xiaomi had previously suggested that there were technical hurdles that need to be overcome before such a thing could happen.

It turns out that the company might have figured out a way because according to a report from ThePhoneTalks, it appears that Xiaomi has finally cracked the code where they managed to stuff a front-facing camera under the display that they claim will result in image quality that will satisfy its users.

One of the main problems of putting a camera under a display is that you would essentially be shooting through multiple layers, which can degrade image quality. Xiaomi claims that they have figured out how to deal with this problem where they are using smaller displays in the display to allow for more light to pass through the display to reach the camera’s sensor.

To compensate for the smaller displays, Xiaomi will also be increasing the pixel density, which as a result will create a display that will offer uniform brightness and color reproduction, while hiding the area where the camera is hidden, and without sacrificing image quality. These are indeed very bold claims and it remains to be seen if the company can deliver as promised.

In the meantime, ZTE is expected to be the first company to make it to market with an under display camera that they will be announcing next month, but we’ll have to wait and see if there are any noticeable degradations in image quality.

Source: PhoneArena

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