5 tips and tricks to grow your Instagram account in 2020


Instagram is one of the social media platforms that has taken the world by storm in the last 10 years. It started off as a platform to share photos with a small description to people that decide to follow your profile. It’s since developed into a platform that shares photos, videos and even has its own dedicated TV mode. With the later developments of Instagram, it’s been seen as something that can help with the marketing of businesses and products and has taken over as one of the leading forms of digital marketing. 

Those with a large number of followers can command a price to advertise for companies wanting to target their market with ease. The account owners with large followings are known as influencers. Time and effort go into growing their account to the point where it can be monetized. But for many, the question remains, how do I grow my Instagram account? 


If you’re new to the world of social media then the hashtag sign might look a little unfamiliar in regards to Instagram. In 2007 a twitter user first thought to group together subjects in a message using a hashtag, and whilst twitter didn’t take the idea straight away its users did, which leads us to where we are now. 

A hashtag before a word or phrase groups together everything that’s said about it in a results page. For example, if you search #shoe on Instagram, everyone that has ever posted with that same hashtag will come up as a result for you to look at. Immediate exposure is available for anyone that uses the hashtag algorithm well. It takes a little bit of research but you can get your profile out to millions of similarly minded people, all with a simple hashtag. 

When looking into the hashtags needed to grow your profile you need to look at your own personal niches and what you want to achieve. If you own a business and sell a certain product, let’s say harmonicas, then you’ll have to get down and dirty searching through the most popular hashtags regarding harmonicas. What’s popular? What receives the most likes? How many people engage with that hashtag? Write all of these questions down and follow them with your answers, use an easily accessible spreadsheet so you can revisit whenever posting. 

Boost it with a bit of Money 

If you’re looking to get your account up and running quickly but don’t have the time to invest in high-quality content just yet then look at using a different method. When you buy Instagram followers you improve your visibility, exposure and follower count. Depending on how large you want to grow will depend on how much money you invest in gaining followers. Starting small and building your way up is a more organic way or operating and will slowly expose you to other users, meaning you can further gain in a more organic way just by being seen by more people. It’s a great way to get the ball rolling. 

Craft the perfect Bio

Having an account that doesn’t say anything isn’t going to excite people in a way that’s engaging. If you’re someone that hasn’t put much thought into your bio then you might want to think again. It’s essentially your first point of contact, your business card, your shop front, and people that look over it will decide quickly if they want to look at your profile or not. The bio is the front door, the convincing statement. 

The very best will have a clear explanation of your profile, your brand or your business. Something that’s going to pique the interest of a reader. Maybe something that’s funny, something that’s interesting or something that will leave the reader wanting more. 

Using Instagram Stories is a must

Something that is a newer addition to Instagram is their story feature. A 24-hour post that appears on a different section of the application allowing followers to watch, share and interact easily with what you’re saying. You can add e-commerce links and get others to spread the love. 

Stories can go viral quite easily, as long as enough people are sharing them. If they go viral then it’s a one-way street to having incredible profile exposure with a high chance of your following growing exponentially. Create funny stories, ones that catch the eye of the masses and make sure your settings aren’t set to private. 

It has to be Visually Appealing 

Have you ever click on a profile and thought: “wow this looks amazing!”? That’s the vibe you’re after when it comes to making your profile look incredible. Choose a colour theme and stick to it throughout all your posts. Many people will use the same filters throughout and others will choose to use a certain layout so their page looks aesthetically pleasing. There are plenty of apps to help you with this. 

If you’re looking to grow and boost your Instagram followers then the key is high-quality content. If you can have content that grabs then using the rest of the techniques on this list will ensure that you grow your following. It might not be by millions but you have to be patient when it comes to social media. Keep creating, keep posting.

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