How to install GCam on the OnePlus Nord


The OnePlus Nord is a spectacular mid-range smartphone and one of the best devices we’ve used in 2020. Its quad-cameras manage to deliver exceptional photos when compared to other devices I the category, but if you’re looking to capture the best pictures possible, you’ll want to install the GCam camera app on the OnePlus Nord.

GCam is Google’s camera app that is installed on Pixel smartphones. While most devices use some form of HDR built into their camera apps, GCam’s HRD+ feature uses sophisticated computational photography algorithms to capture multiple exposures into a single image. The end result is an image with more dynamic range with enhanced detail and sharpness. For a detailed look at how the OnePlus Nord’s cameras can be improved with Google’s camera app, check out our OnePlus Nord GCam review.

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Installing GCam on the OnePlus Nord is fairly simple. Follow the instructions below and you’ll have GCam up and running on your phone in a matter of minutes.

Install GCam on the OnePlus Nord

  1. From your OnePlus Nor, click on either link below to download GCam
  2. Open the File Manager app and navigate to the Downloads folder on your phone
  3. Tap the APK to install the GCam on the OnePlus Nord
  4. Tap “Continue” when prompted and then tap “Install”
  5. Open the GCam app from the app drawer and enjoy!

The GCam app on the OnePlus Nord runs smoothly and you shouldn’t encounter any issue. For now, the app doesn’t support the Nord’s ultra-wide cameras on the front and back or the macro camera. While GCam is great for taking photos, the stock camera app on the Nord is still the best option for recording video.

Take a look at the video below to see how GCam compares to the stock camera app on the OnePlus Nord

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