Aug 10th, 2020

The Huawei P30 series was the last phone from Huawei to officially come with Google Play Services installed. Devices that were released since then have instead come with Huawei’s own answer to some of those services, and while perfectly functional, we’re sure that many Android users are undoubtedly more familiar with the likes of apps and services like the Google Play Store, Google Maps, and so on.

The good news is that if you’re willing to put aside about 30 minutes or so, there is actually a way that you can get Google Play Services back on your phone. If you own the Honor 30 or Honor 30 Pro+, then read on to find out how you can install the Google Play Store on your device.

How to install Google Play on the Honor 30, Honor 30 Pro+

  1. Download and install the Chat Partner APK here
  2. Launch the Chat Partner app
  3. Tap “Detect Device” at the bottom of the app
  4. Tap “Repair Now”
  5. Tap “Activate”
  6. You will now be prompted to sign into your Google account, but you can skip it and close the app as you’re essentially done with it already
  7. Open your App Drawer and you will notice that the Google Play Store should be listed
  8. Launch Google Play and sign into your account as you normally would
  9. You should now be able to download apps from the Google Play Store as per normal and you are all set

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