Aug 5th, 2020

Later in this post, we will discuss why sequels to popular games often struggle to match our expectations. But even though the game developer’s task becomes harder after an initial success, their job to impress with a sequel is not impossible. Here we’ll take a look at some games that are often considered better than their famous predecessor.

Grab these titles and kick back in a family entertainment room for hours of fun.

1. Half-Life 2

It is no debate that the first Half-Life game was a, well, game-changer. It included many firsts when it was released in 1998 for PC gaming. The in-game sequences that illustrated the gaming narrative were unique and could even be argued as a cornerstone moment for the gaming world. So how on earth could Half-Life 2 beat it?

Well, it is all about a gun! The sequel included what is known as the Gravity Gun. This entertaining weapon is one of the best created for a game, and it ultimately enhanced the feeling and fun you can have playing Half-Life games.

2. The Street Fighter 2 Slot

NetEnt is often the slot developer that lands the best licensing agreements, and that’s certainly true when it comes to the Street Fighter Slot 2. They have made their follow-up to the original slot game, even better. But they haven’t done this with too many additional pleasures.

They’ve managed it by keeping much the same from the very first Street Fighter games we would play as kids. This is smart because it means those slight improvements from the first slot have not been compromised by our nostalgia to the game’s graphics, setting and characters.

3. Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver

Pokémon Gold and Silver outstripped the Red and Blue versions on so many levels. The first is that these new games were in color. But it also enabled players to breed Pokémon, attach items to them and included evolutions that took place during the day and at night. Another great improvement was the length of the game. The areas were much bigger to explore, and you got more from them.

You could argue that Pokémon has improved even more since then with the creation of Pokémon Go utilizing augmented reality.

Why Do Most Sequels Not Beat the Original?

These are some of the sequels that are often judged better than the first title. But that seems to be the exception rather than the rule. In most cases, the sequels are often considered never as good as the first, but why is that?

Often it is not so much to do with the games on their own. But our new expectations of what we want from the game (or even a movie/TV series).

After enjoying something novel, it is hard for game developers to recreate that magic moment where gamers discover something for the first time again. The characters and settings are not as new and exciting, so the second has to do much more to be judged better.

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