Jul 29th, 2020

After doing out usual smartphone camera test with the new OnePlus Nord, we’ve transitioned into our camera comparison phase to see how the dual-camera setup on the back and dual-camera on the front of the Nord compare to other smartphones. The first comparison we completed is the Oneplus Nord versus the Google Pixel 4.

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The Pixel 4 is a 2019 device, but it’s regarded for its incredible image processing capabilities, despite the fact that the phone has a total of three cameras. By comparison, the OnePlus Nord has double the number of sensors. While it may sound like the Nord could come up with an easy win in this camera shootout, the Pixel 4 proved once again that a high megapixel count and more sensors don’t always result in better results.

Putting it simply, the Pixel 4 obliterates the OnePlus Nord in a variety of different lighting conditions with better dynamic range, detail, clarity and contrast.

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That being said, the Nord is still quite capable of capturing decent images. It also has the advantage of being much more versatile than the Pixel 4 since it features ultrawide cameras on the front and back of the phone, allowing you to capture images that the Pixel 4 simply can’t.

Take a look at the video and image gallery below to see side-by-side photo and video samples we’ve captured with both devices.

OnePlus Nord versus Pixel 4 camera comparison

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