Android devices with low RAM might be forced to run Android Go


These days, a good majority of Android devices come with at least 4GB of RAM or more. There are, however, certain lower-end Android devices designed for emerging markets that actually come with less RAM in a bid to cut costs and to make their devices more affordable, and it seems that Google could be making some changes that could affect them.

In a leaked copy of Google’s Android 11 Go Edition Device Configuration that the good folks at XDA got their hands on, it seems that Android phones with 2GB of RAM or less might not be eligible to receive or run major Android versions, such as Android 11. This does not mean that lower RAM Android devices will become moot or obsolete, but rather, these devices will now have to run Android Go.

The idea behind this is to prevent Android users who have low RAM to have a compromised experience as a result of hardware limitations. It should be noted that Google designed Android Go for devices with 1GB of RAM or less, but they have never made it a requirement for these devices to use Android Go, leaving it up to manufacturers to decide which version they want to use.

These changes, if accurate, would suggest that Google could be trying to enforce it and make it a requirement. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it could help create a more enjoyable experience even on lower-end hardware.

Source: XDA Developers

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