Jul 8th, 2020

For a while, it was hard to deny that Huawei’s smartphones seemed to borrow a lot of design elements from Apple’s products. It was not limited to their smartphones, but tablets and laptops as well, but now it looks like Huawei has a new target in sight: Samsung.

According to a report from Tigermobiles, they have stumbled across a patent by Huawei in which it depicts a foldable phone that has yet to be released by the company. As you can see in the image below, it looks a lot like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip and the Motorola Razr and there’s really no denying it.

With the Huawei Mate X, one could argue that the decision to put the foldable display on the outside of the phone resulted in a slightly different device compared to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, but with this patent, it really looks like Huawei wants to create a foldable phone in the same veins as Samsung and Motorola’s offerings.

We should note that given that this is a patent, there’s really no telling if Huawei has plans to actually make it a reality, or if they’re simply toying around with the idea. To date, none of the foldable phones that have been released have garnered much mainstream success, mostly due to their prices which puts them well out of the reach of the average consumer.

Word on the street is that Samsung is planning to make the Galaxy Fold 2 slightly cheaper, but even then it isn’t what most would call cheap.

Source: Tigermobiles

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