Jul 6th, 2020 publishUpdated   Jul 7th, 2020, 8:56 am

The increasing number of mobile devices, app downloads, and usability is an indication that the sustainability of mobile devices is here to stay. With the increasing demand for mobile apps comes the creation of opportunities for software and mobile application developers to create millions of various apps.

Android Play Store and the iOS APP Store are two of the dominating mobile markets. Both have varying mobile app categories. For example, Android offers up to 34 categories while iOS has divided its applications into 22 categories.

Despite the various variations offered by both industries, the top three most popular and fast-growing mobile apps by category include gaming apps, entertainment apps, and utility app.

Gaming and Gambling Apps

Gambling is one of the biggest pastimes in the world and the introduction of the internet and online casinos have impacted the way people play.

Mobile casinos and gaming apps have increased accessibility thus, punters can play and wager whenever they are.  

Players can access all casino games including: 

  • slots
  • roulette
  • blackjack
  • video poker

All these listed casino games can be played for real money at online casino brands. If you are interested and looking for more information about casino games and online gaming please view all here at NewZealandCasinos casino guide. 

The gaming and gambling apps account for over a quarter of all Google Store and App Store apps.  With other 2.8 billion gaming apps users globally, this category is evidently growing fast.  

Although only 5% of these users use cash on in-game buying, revenues obtained by the developers are substantial and they account for close to half of the revenue collected in general from the gaming app industry.

 Top popular gambling apps include

  •       Casino Apps
  •       Poker Apps
  •       Betting Apps
  •       Horse Racing Apps

Top gaming apps based on the number of users include

  •       Clash Royal-over 50 million users daily
  •       Candy Crush Saga- Over 293 million users every month
  •       Pokemon Go- approximately 1 billion total users

Entertainment Apps

Entertainment apps comprise a broad range of interactive activities including:

  • Communication apps– social media, streaming media, instant messaging
  •  Purely leisure apps– music, movies, ebooks

Top entertainment apps related to gambling include:


This is a streaming service featuring an impressive collection of popular shows and movies. You can stream a lot of movies or documentaries from both Android and iOS devices and you get a one-month trial to explore your options.  The collection is ever-expanding and new episodes are constantly uploaded. Download app for Android here or for iOS here.


Youtube is a video streaming app that is by far the most popular entertaining app on the internet.  Here you can find so many useful videos and tips about casino and casino games. If you have questions about any casino games don’t forget to search youtube

Utility Apps and Tools

Both Android and IOS smartphones often come with pre-installed utility apps. However, these may not offer the best experience but you can always install your preferred additional utility apps and tools to help customize your phone lets say as a casino background.

For IOS users, the Bitmoji app usually comes installed to help customize your emojis and stickers. 

Other utility apps available for Android users include:

  • Verizon: This utility app helps you manage your account including customizing your home screen.
  • T-Mobile: This app features several functionalities including tracking your data on the go, paying your bills, and shopping for the latest devices at your fingertips. Android users have access to a wide range of utility apps to choose from including;
  • Find My Device: With this app,  you can ping the location of your device in case it gets stolen or misplaced. This free service is compatible with phones, tablets, and Wear OS smartphones
  • Solid Explorer: This is one of the recommendable file managers on Android. It is effective for supporting basic stuff such as archiving files and checking your storage folders.  It also features advanced features such as cloud storage.
  • Google Assistant: This free Google Assistant is among the most powerful tools and is designed to help you with almost anything.  You just need to key in the details of what you are looking for.
  • ProtonVPN: ProtonVPN is one of the most popular and best VPN which is not only free but you also get unlimited VPN options. This is among the few free VPNs that offer reliable security levels. In some cases you will not be able to visit casinos due to country restriction. After you turn on VPN you will be able to visit any casino online. 

Final Word

Mobile applications have already picked momentum and we can only expect to see more advancement in the coming years. Nevertheless, smartphones have positively enhanced our lives by providing a simple and convenient way to undertake both our daily livelihoods as well as leisure activities.