A simple way to spy on someone’s texts is to access their phone physically when they aren’t looking. Of course, people are protective of their phones, so it’s hard. It’s also impossible to do long-term. 

Luckily, you can use a spy app to read their text messages remotely instead. Not only are the best spy text apps stealthy, but they are also convenient to use. You can use them over weeks or even months if necessary. But not all spy apps in the market are reliable or effective. To help you make an informed decision, we have gathered 10 of the best text spy apps in 2020. Every app on this list is tested to be useful and dependable.  

#1 Spyine – Devastatingly Stealthy 

Spyine is one of the stealthiest apps on the planet. Combine that with its solid reputation – the app has been featured on platforms like Android Authority, TechNewDaily, and Mashable – and a powerful feature-set, and you have perhaps the best spy app in the market. 

You can use Spyine to monitor someone’s texts from your web browser, via the app’s intuitive web-interface. You can choose any update frequency you like. The app is compatible with the latest Android smartphones and tablets. Further, Spyine offers full privacy. Unlike many spy apps, it doesn’t store your personal data or shares it with a third party. 

1.1 Spyine allows you to read texts in stealth mode 

You can use Spyine to read texts secretly, without the phone user knowing if necessary. You install a small, 2MB software app on the user’s phone. Then you hide it. The hidden app will allow you to read someone’s text messages without their phone.

The app allows you to monitor the user’s incoming and outgoing texts 24/7: 


  • Read texts: You can read all their incoming and outgoing texts. Every text message comes with a time and date entry, allowing you to find out when a conversation took place. 
  • Look for deleted messages: If the phone user deletes a message, you can still recover it from Spyine’s message archive. Even when they don’t want anyone to see their messages, Spyine makes it possible to find them. 
  • Check contacts information: You can check for more details about who the person is texting. The details the app tracks include names, addresses, phone numbers, and display pictures. 
  • View media files: It’s possible to see exchanged media files. This includes all the media files they have created, downloaded, or received from someone via a text. 


1.2 Spyine is impossible to detect 

You can hide Spyine after you install it. The app runs in the background invisibly, without draining the phone’s battery or slowing it down. The app icon vanishes, and the name disappears from the app list. It’s an undetectable solution.  

1.3 The app comes with significant benefits  

The numerous advantages that Spyine offers make the app special. It’s why we think it’s amongst the best spy solutions available right now: 


  • Read messages without rooting 


You can read someone’s texts without rooting their phone or tablet. This is a massive advantage. You don’t have to mess with the phone and risk causing data loss or malware infections. It also makes installing Spyine a breeze. 


  • Access extra monitoring features


Besides text message monitoring, Spyine can also monitor phone calls, social media apps, locations, installed apps, web browser history, and much more. Whatever the user is doing, you will know. 


  • Use via any web browser 


You can operate Spyine via any web browser. It’s convenient to use and user-friendly. You can access the app even when you’re out and about. You don’t need to touch the target phone.  


  • Join 1 million other users 


Over a million people use Spyine, so it’s a popular, reliable solution. Users include parents looking to keep their kids safe, employers, and people with relationship problems. 

You can try out the Spyine live demo to see if you like the app before buying it.

#2 Minspy 

The second solution we have to offer is Minspy. This parental control solution lets you monitor anyone’s text messages discreetly. The app has made a good name for itself and offers multiple useful features: 

  • You can install and use Minspy through any web browser. 
  • The app is trustworthy, with hundreds of thousands of registered users

Minspy is a handy text message reader 


  • You get full access to incoming and outgoing texts. 
  • The app shows you deleted messages and contact information. 



The app is in second place because it’s a nice mix of features and user-friendliness. 

#3 Spyier 

Spyier is one of the best text spy apps with a full array of phone monitoring features, including a text message reader. The app works with Android 4.0 and up: 

  • You can read text messages remotely. 
  • The app is easy to set up and use. 

Spyier comes with all the features you need 


  • The app can monitor all incoming and outgoing texts. 
  • You can monitor the phone as a whole. 



The app is listed high on the list because of its dozen-plus unique features.  

#4 Spyic 

Spyic is a one of the best apps for secret texting. The app can be hidden and works discreetly. You can read anyone’s text messages without extended contact with their phone: 

  • Spyic can be installed in minutes. 
  • You can control the app from your PC or smartphone. 

Spyic offers useful features

  • You can read texts and social media messages. 
  • The app can scan for media files. 

It’s easy to recommend Spyic because it’s stealthy and useful. 

#5 Cocospy 

Cocospy is an established spy app with a good legacy. It was made by a company with a great deal of cybersecurity expertise. The expertise shows in the app design. 

  • Cocospy can monitor multiple devices at once. 
  • The app is a breeze to install and use. 

Cocospy is an advanced text message reader


  • The app can track all texts, including deleted ones. 
  • The app offers other phone monitoring features. 



Cocospy is a top-tier app and gives any other app a run for its money. 

#6 Neatspy 

Neatspy is one of the best text message app. It’s popular with people in relationships looking to keep an eye on their partner. It comes with a text message reader as one of its features: 

  • The app can track any target Android device remotely. 
  • You get access to multiple features, including a keylogger. 

Neatspy is a good overall spy tool 


  • The app read all texts and even social media messages. 
  • The location tracker and keylogger provide extra data. 



Neatspy is highly recommended because it’s powerful and feature-rich. 

#7 ClickFree

ClickFree is an easy-to-use spy app with countless users around the planet. The app comes with a multitude of useful features, including a text message reader: 

  • ClickFree tracks modern Android smartphones and tablets without trouble. 
  • The app can capture usernames and passwords via the keylogger. 

ClickFree can track messages remotely 


  • You can read text messages from your web browser. 
  • The app auto-updates without your manual intervention. 



ClickFree offers all the features you’d want from a text message reader. 


XNSPY is popular and well-liked. It offers a solid selection of features, including, of course, a text message reader. The app is undetectable too: 

  • XNSPY comes with a keylogger. 
  • It can track anyone’s social media activity. 

XNSPY is tough to install


  • You have to root to use XNSPY. 
  • Rooting is complex and time-consuming. 



XNPSY works well, but it’s hard to set-up, making it number 8 on the list. 

#9 Appmia

Appmia is a phone monitoring Android app with over 250,000 active users. The app is well-recognized, bug-free, and stealthy. 

  • You can read text messages remotely. 
  • The app tracks social media messages too. 

Appmia is a root solution 

  • You must root to use Appmia’s advanced features. 
  • Rooting is not for newbies. 

If you don’t want to root or lack technical skills, it’s better to steer clear of the app. 

#10 Mobile Spy 

Mobile spy was once a great spy app, but it’s been in trouble recently because of hacking attempts. Still, its text message reader is worth a mention: 

  • The app is stealthy and can’t be detected. 
  • You can monitor messages without rooting. 

Mobile Spy has been hacked 

  • The app has been hacked multiple times. 
  • It may no longer be available for use in the future. 

While the app is excellent overall, it’s not as secure as the others on the list. 


All of the apps in this 10 best spy text apps list are worth trying out. You can try out a few live demos for the first few apps to get an idea of their potential. You’ll be able to monitor anyone’s texts in secrets with any one app, safely and privately.

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