Jun 26th, 2020

Gone are the days when smart products in your home were limited to LED light bulbs and WiFi switches. TRIFECTÉ now has a whole lineup of smart ceiling cans that can be controlled with Google Assistant or Alexa, giving you full control over your lighting and cooling in your room. While these products are usually quite expensive at roughly $400, TRIFECTÉ is offering a massive discount with coupon codes for two of its most popular products, allowing you to save up to $200!

TRIFECTÉ ceiling fan deals

TRIFECTÉ ceiling fan features

As we’ve already stated, the ceiling fan can be connected to your smart home system and can be controlled through Alexa or Google Assistant. They also come with their own all which will allow you to control the dimmable LED light and can speed from your smartphone or tablet.

The TRIFECTÉ ceiling fans are also a lot more power-efficient than traditional ceiling fans since they use a 10-speed reversible DC motor which is up to 70% more efficient than regular AC-powered fans. The reversible motor also allows the fans to be used I the winter to help circular warm air from your heating system that usually sits like a warm blanket close to your ceiling. 

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