Jun 3rd, 2020 publishUpdated   Jun 4th, 2020, 8:29 am

Year upon year, the online casino industry experiences a consistent annual growth, with the trend set to continue over the coming decade and beyond. There are millions of players across the world who use online casinos, many of whom prefer to use their mobile device to access their favorite games.

Thanks to technology and software, users are spoiled for choice when it comes to playing at an online casino. With a large proportion of players ditching their computer or laptop in favor of a mobile device, here are 5 main reasons why they are switching to portable play.


In the modern world we live in, many players don’t have the time or patience to sit behind their computer desk to play on an online casino. With mobile devices being at the forefront of the market share and outperforming laptops and PCs, smartphones are far more accessible than a larger device. This is thanks to their portability, meaning that users can pull out their device while on the go to join in on the casino action. Whether it’s during a break from work, on the couch, or using public transport, mobile devices offer convenience that laptops and PCs are unable to. Understandably, ease of access is a contributing factor towards the rise in mobile casino traffic. Whether you prefer to play on your desktop PC or you’re a fan of smartphone play, Novibet can give you more information about how to play online casinos on your mobile vs desktop.


With 5G about to take the world by storm, its predecessor 4G has shown over recent years how high-speed connectivity is a vital component towards the surge in mobile casino traffic. With 4G being available on all kinds of smartphones, this has enabled users to use their devices to do much more while on the go, such as video streaming, surfing social media, and online gaming. With mobile phone technology continuing to advance, consumers expect a fast and consistent experience when using an online casino. As there are so many benefits that are linked with 4G, online casino users no longer need to rely on desktop computers with a fixed line connection to gain access to games, hence the rise in mobile traffic. 


When players are seeking out an online casino, a wide choice of games tends to be top of the list. With hundreds of mobile casinos fighting for the same custom, this means that they need to deliver a variety of table games like blackjack and poker, as well as new and exciting titles to lure new players in. In recent years, there has been a growing need for live table games, meaning that players can feel as though they are in a genuine casino atmosphere while playing from the comfort of their own home. If users don’t feel like there is enough choice to pick from, they will simply move on to another online casino. 


Over the years, online casino experiences have significantly developed, thanks to improvements in hardware capabilities and underlying technologies which are available on the smartphones that run them. Whether it’s special bonus features or audio effects, the quality that is shown today is worlds away from what was first available. In the early years of web-based play, the graphics, visuals, and sound effects were not as appealing towards online gamers. Thanks to software developers like Microgaming, there is no compromise on the quality and aesthetic of games, giving users the best online gaming experience.


No matter what kind of smartphone a player has, online casinos have stayed one step ahead to ensure that their software is compatible for modern mobile browsers. This means that whether you have an Android or iOS device, players do not have to worry about downloading a separate app to access their favorite games. Online casino developers have moved away from making flash-based games and instead use coding in HTML5, which has overcome many obstacles that used to be prevalent in mobile play.

If current trends continue, more and more players will make the switch to their mobile device to play on online casinos. With a vast proportion of users owning a smartphone, top of the range graphics and visuals make it clear to see why consumers are drawn to playing on a mobile device.

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