May 28th, 2020

As things stand right now, there is only one possible route that the online casino industry can take, which is upwards. To know and understand why that conclusion is so obvious, let’s go through some facts which suggest the same.

There is Virtually No Limitation to Accessibility

Whether someone is taking a trip to a different continent altogether, or staying inside for the time being, as long as there is a smart device and an active internet connection, online casinos are always accessible to adults.

The entire civilized world has decent net connections in 2020, while almost everyone has at least a smartphone. Both of these factors are crucial to the nearly limitless access of online casinos, and they are only going to improve in quality and reach with time. 

Political Limitations on Online Casinos are Loosening Up

Virtually being the keyword, the only limitations to accessing online casinos are certain political boundaries where gambling is not legal. However, to illustrate how slack and somewhat confusing the rules of online gambling regulation in different countries are, let us take the example of Canada itself.

On paper, gambling establishments online are illegal in Canada, but if the online casino is located offshore, then Canadian players are free to access it, play in it, and even withdraw their winnings without a hitch. The thing about an online casino in Canada is that the authentic, legal ones are all located offshore, and as a Canadian citizen, you can play in them without having to worry about breaking laws.

This is true in more countries than just Canada, of course, and as have already been seen multiple times in the past, online casinos will become legal establishments in more countries in the future.

Improving Digital Technology and Mobile Casinos

Having a smartphone or a tablet is one thing, but having one capable of running casino games in high definition is entirely another. To make the factors at work here clearer, let’s take a look at a few facts that naturally implicate the growth of online casinos even beyond its current massive size.

  • Not only do most people across the planet have access to a smart device, but smart devices are also getting smarter and more powerful as well
  • While before only high-end, expensive devices could be used to play high-end casino games, that is no longer how it is anymore
  • Even mid-range and sometimes entry-level smartphones can be used to play online casino games without a hitch
  • The casino apps and sites are being designed to be dynamic, which means they scale up or down in quality with the device they are being accessed from
  • Contrary to there being a divide between mobile casinos and regular online casinos, most online casinos can now be accessed from most mobile phones
  • On high-end devices, the experience is particularly realistic and enjoyable, which is drawing in more players to the genre
  • Fast internet connections are getting faster, helping to make Live Casino experiences more seamless
  • The in-game graphics and animations are beginning to look exceptionally good in the latest casino games

The Convenience Factor

Finally, we come down to the most dominant factor that made online casinos as big as they are today, which is, of course, the convenience of it all. If the technology keeps improving and the experience keeps getting more mobile and enjoyable at the same time, there is practically no reason for online casinos to see a fall in their popularity anytime soon. It’s not just as convenient as it was five years back, but online gambling and betting has now become exponentially more convenient, due to wider acceptance, more choices, and assurance of safety on legal and genuine casinos.

It would be unfair to state that offline or traditional casinos will lose all business in the future because as things begin to improve globally, they will gain back a large portion of their business clientele. However, even large casinos are starting to understand that online is the future of casinos in general, which is why we are seeing so many of them trying to enter the market with their own online casinos.

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