Best word games Android and iPhone in 2020


Learning in a classroom can sometimes feel a bit too boring, especially if it involves thick and heavy textbooks. Thankfully, there are more fun ways to learn, such as through games. If you’re looking for a word game that will help improve or test your vocabulary skills, or maybe if you’re a parent hoping that these games will improve your child’s English, then you will definitely want to check out these games. You can also use a word unscrambler to help with these games and improve those skills.

For those who enjoy word searching or crossword puzzles, Wordscapes could be worth taking a look at. The game is a blend of word searching and crossword puzzles, where players are presented with a series of alphabets and a crossword puzzle and they’ll have to fill it up by creating words with the alphabets that are available to them. It looks and starts off easy, but it does get tricky later on.

  • Download Wordscapes (FREE with in-app purchases) – iOS / Android
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